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Poverty In The Late 1800s To Early 1900s

No description

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Poverty In The Late 1800s To Early 1900s

Poverty In The Late 1800s To Early 1900s
People who lived in poverty during
this time period often did because
they could not find any way to
make money, so with no money to
to pay for tenements they
were forced to live on
streets along side

The poverty often happened in big cites when some one was unable or no longer suited for working they would not be able to buy a house an could often be found living in shacks in alleys.
Poverty happened often during the late 1800s when some one was unsuited for work an could not get any possibly because of race or a injury this resulted in small communities of poor people in many alleys an on the sides of many streets.
People who lived in poverty often were unable to work, criminals, and immigrants it was hard for any of these to find good pay let alone any.
Most people who lived in poverty did so because they were unable to get work of any kind an so were forced to live on the streets along criminals if they weren't already a criminal them selves.
Political Cartoon
work cited
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