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Running a Hospitality Business

No description

Jasmine Walton

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Running a Hospitality Business

Jas Running a Hospitality Business
Cocktail Bar Ideas:

Live music cocktail bar
a varity of jazz performers playing on a weekly basis How will I attract new customers?

a constant variety of new jazz performers
special offers
excellent customer service
a pleasurable experience
ticketed and themed events
regular community events Birds-Eye View of Jazzi's Font Ideas: Where is the business based?

Chorleywood Highstreet

Would the business work in other towns/cities?

It would work within Chorleywood village because there are plenty of restaurants that Jazzi's could work with. People could come before, after or both before and after a meal. Food & Snacks
complimentary nuts when ordering drinks
a small snack / nibbles menu such as:
bread sticks
cheeseboard selection
fresh bread and butter
garlic dough balls
topped foccaccia
crisps Is there a competetive edge to Jazzi's? Food to Share Idea:
The food will be available order for a single portion or for 2 or 4. Jazzi's The back seating bench will be available to hire out for events or parties
the chairs surrounding the bench with be easy to move so that people can turn around when the music begins SWOT Strengths:
the only cocktail bar in Chorleywood
the target market is readily available / plenty
the whole idea is unique in Chorleywood
garenteed high income and profit making business
contacts within the village such as restaurants that Jazzi's can work with
very small competitive market SWOT Weaknesses:
finding flexible and suitable staff
paying the overheads
start up costs when first launching
not enough new customers
lack of customer variety SWOT Opportunity:
there are no other cocktail bars
Jazzi's could work with local restaurants and community
easier to advertise with Jazzi's being a local business
affluent customers SWOT Threats:
recession cuts
weather influences
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