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Trip Planning and Travel

No description

Melyssa Dominguez

on 24 July 2018

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Transcript of Trip Planning and Travel

Trip Planning
Planning packets are in Sharon's office

Timelines offered are minimum guidelines

Parent/Student paperwork packets same for International, Domestic and Overnight trips
International, Domestic & Overnight Trips
International Trips
6 months

Domestic Trips
2 months

Overnight Trips/Events (including at Open)
2 weeks
Day Trips
one to two weeks
Clinic Aide/District RN reviews meds & health plans
Required paperwork:
Day Trip Information & Checklist
List of attending students to Clinic Aide
High Risk form
for trips involving high risk activities
Student Activity Release & Waiver
Day Trip Student Permission form signed at Registration
Adult volunteers complete the
Volunteer Waiver
Process for Using School Vehicles
Notebooks found in office teacher workroom

As far in advance as possible, reserve using reservation notebook

Take vehicle specific notebook on day of reservation

When logging mileage, use first and last name

Let Dave know about any needed service or repair

Must review
Jeffco Public Schools Overnight Travel Policy
Complete a
Chaperone Contract
Complete a
Volunteer Waiver
Chaperones should be approved by Achievement Director
Bon Voyage!
Trip Planning and Travel
Jefferson County Open School
Insurance Coverage
All participants attending an Open School travel experience must be covered by health insurance
Tripster is available for students without health insurance:
Accident only coverage
Available through the district for $1 per day per student
Request must be submitted to Sharon a minimum of one week in advance of the trip
Students using Tripster should add $1 per day to the cost of their trip

First Aid Kits
A well stocked First Aid Kit must be taken on all Open School trips
We recommend one Kit per vehicle
Obtain a first aid kit:
Elementary: Check out from Clinic Aide
Secondary: Check out from Sharon
Please note, if the kit is not returned, group or level is charged $100

Staff Driving Students
In Private Cars
Check Day Trip Student Permission Form signed at Registration for parent permission to ride in private vehicles
Employees transporting students in private vehicles must provide:
Proof of liability insurance
Copy of driver's license
Completed and Approved
Authorized Driver Form
District Excess Liability Insurance Form
Staff Driving Students
In School Vehicles
All of the private vehicle paperwork indicated previously as well as:
Medical Information Form
Doctor Note/Sign Off form
(if YES on Med Form)
Attend Driver Training
Take District Driving Test
Additional Requirement for Activity Bus:
One time skills training and assessment

Non-Staff Drivers
Check Day Trip Student Permission Form signed at Registration for parent permission to ride in private vehicles
Non-staff members who will be driving students must provide:
Completed and
Approved Driver Authorization Form
Copy of Driver's License
Proof of valid auto insurance
Volunteer Waiver
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