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Conversation Table 3D - 48618

Available at prezzip.com Conversation Table 3D prezi template of Prezzip you can use for a lot of different stories. Business or education, just ad your own story! All visuals are adjustable!

Your Prezis

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of Conversation Table 3D - 48618

to use a whole systems approach
to be evidence informed
to aim to understand the perspective of the target population
to gather information relivant to the stakeholder's goals
What are the principles of comminication within the healthy universities approach?
what is the lived experience of those within the healthy university initative?

Separate elements
This prezi and many more available at:
Conversation Table 3D prezi template of Prezzip you can use for a lot of different stories. Business or education, just ad your own story! All visuals are adjustable!
Research experience:
-Quantitative data collection
-Discourse anaylsis
-Reflexivity /eposhe
- Qualitaive interveiwing
-For example, my dissertation used descritive phenomenology
seconfidea for a mode of comminication : The Student Health Conference
planning framework appapted from Backer et al (1992)
Stucture of event: Caplitaising on univeritys resourses for knowledge exchage to gain knowlege of health activites and needs of those within the university. Symoltainiously, we aslo create a diagloge around health issues.
Collaboration: inviting students and achademic staff from all faculties to share there research, and watch events
Media comonents: take the dialouge onto social media,
to widen the audience and gain more insight

Continutiy of message: use a theme such as 'diet and health', and hold the confernce on World Health day.
What resourses will we need to gether the information?
- use of lecture halls
- training for students speaking
- social media account
- filming
-support for speakers in creating a consistent message
- advertising for the event
Challenges involoved:
- gathering information- will speakers allow us to use there research?
-ensureing quality of research
- finding a consistent message
- aiming the talks at a level which is acessable to all
-encoraging attenance
- continuty: how to we keep the diaglouse going?
-evalutating sucess
how well the confernce met pre-determined crita for gaining knowledge.
social media participation
use follow up activities

Adapted from Backer et al (1992)
It is clear that there are many activities across MMU. To keep up with them, there are many inititives to reveiw them, and to incorperate them into a Whole System. A mayjor challenge may be to map these activites.
Stratgies for communication &
gathering information

A sereiries of Qualitative interveiws assesing the perceptions of survicers of the actitivtes available to them.

using purposive sampling, recruit participants from across mmu, from a range of roles.

Assesing the usefullness of a Whole System, as opposed to activities in isloation is challenging.

By providing in-depth data on the effect of health activites on inividuals, we can gain insight into how the Healthy Universities Initative is effectinic its survice users.
resourses needed:
-10-30 oariticipants representing a spectrum of survice users at mmu
-a dictaphone
-an inviation letter
consent forms
This data could provide an overview of the effects of the Healthy Universities initiatve, alongside a map of activites.
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