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No description

Amojean Olvey

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of kungfu

Double click anywhere & add an idea kung fu
WHY WAS KUNG FU INVENTED? Kung fu was originaly invented for exercise. The monks only ate ,slept and meditated. Then kung fu became a defence for shoulin. if it wasn't for there exercise technique Shoulin wouldn't be standing today. HOW DID KUNG FU SPREAD? In the 6th centery china invaded Okinawa to help fightfor its freedom. After that they taught the people kung fu . then Okinawa andChina made a trade agreement and astablished a trade center. After this kung fu spread to the rest of the world. BY : AMOJEAN OLVEY WHY DO WE USE ANIMALS INSTED OF PEOPLE? Animals defence is much better than ours.originaly their was five main animals : dragon, tiger,lepored, crane. But now their are thousends of animal styles today. And if we used ourselfs we would probably just blow each other up.
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