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Web Competency Center

Expanding the IGT UX Team

Ehren Miller

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Web Competency Center

New York Life
Web Competency Center
The IGT U/X Team helps business owners build efficient, successful and enjoyable products.

But there's sometimes a gap between what we
should build
and what NYL
can build.

The problem is the shortage of skills to needed to successfully execute a project, especially
Project Management
UI Development.
Projects often lack people with the correct skill set--leading to time wasted fixing errors and compromises in features, performance and quality.

Had we added a UX Specialist and Front-End Developer prior to 2013, we would have produced products faster and of even higher quality.
Ideally, we'd be structured like this:
Expanding the team into a
Web Competency Center
would solve this problem. The team would be able to partner with business owners to provide a one-stop-shop for their project needs.

To accomplish this, we propose adding two new team members to provide:
Upcoming Projects
And there's more to come!
We're just getting started
The IGT UX Team is starting to get noticed because of the high-quality projects we've executed so far. Business owners from Agency, LTC and Support have increasingly asked to work with us.

We're excited to help. A new, expanded team will allow us to meet increasing demands and continue to exceed expectations.
Past Projects
We've been busy.
In 2013 we worked on
12 major projects.
Nearly all had skill gaps.
Forms Front End
Agency Dashboard
VSC Redesign
Front-End Developer
New Hire #2 and Patrick Worthington
Mike Berg
We propose moving
Mike Berg
over to fill this role as needed. Business leaders will continue to have final say over a project, but will be spared the day-to-day responsibilities and headaches that come with running a project team.

Project Planning
Requirement Gathering
Deliverable Approval
Status Report
Risk Management
Problem Escalation
Patrick Worthington will assist a
new hire
in translating our designs into best-in-class working sites, resulting in higher quality products and faster development time.

Front-End Development
Live Style Guide Creation
Asset Delivery
Interaction Implementation
UX Design
Ehren Miller & Patrick Worthington
Ehren Miller and Patrick Worthington will continue to do the heavy lifting of UX Design with the assistance of a
UX Specialist

Visual Design
Interaction Design
Future Visioning
Asset Delivery
In 2014 the team will begin work on a slew of exciting new projects.
= Role Fulfilled by UX Team member

= Gap on project that could be filled by UX Team member
Major UX Projects - 2013
A One Stop Shop for
Web Competency
Anticipated 2014 Project Gaps
* Project Management * UX Assessment * UX Design * Usability Testing * UI Development
UX Research
Ehren Miller & New Hire #1
Ehren Miller will continue as the Lead UX Researcher, while the new
UX Specialist
will assist him.

System Assessments
User Observations
User Interviews
User Surveys
User Testing
Usage Analysis
Findings Reports
We'll accomplish this by moving one of our members into a new role and adding two additional people.

Mike Berg will slide over to fill the
Project Management
We'll fill the
Front-End Development
shortage with a new hire.
UX Specialist
will be hired to cover Mike's former responsibilities.
Claims Transformation
Agent Study Groups
Form Request Redesign
Adhoc Agency Requests
Agent Bookshelf
= Role Fulfilled by UX Team member

= Gap on project that could be filled by UX Team member
"[A] centralized group provides services that no other model can. It can maintain design standards to give the customer a consistent experience and reduce duplicate work. This reduces costs and improves quality.

"...An in-house agency provides the best long term value to the enterprise from its ability to engage with complex problems and influence the organization widely."

-Stephen Turbek, Fidelity Investments
Benefits of an In-House Agency
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