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Getting Your Foot Through the Door as an Artist

A quick presentation to help acquaint my students with the process of becoming a professional artist.

Chris Coyle

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of Getting Your Foot Through the Door as an Artist

Step 1: Create a Portfolio Step 4: persistence, persistence, persistence... I'm sure I don't have to tell you this, but don't get discouraged if you don't get hired for a job or don't sell any work after your first exhibition or mailer advertisement. In fact, you cant get discouraged even if its your 20th with still no luck. Don't go quietly! You must fight on! Almost all of the successful artists working today are the ones who persisted. It is a rarity for an artist to enter their career of choice right out of school. It takes time, sometimes lots of time, to achieve all of these steps and get your foot in the door. Some artists may never make it; but I promise you that if you follow these steps you will be on the quickest possible path to success! Getting your Foot Through
the Door as an Artist Step 2: Advertise Yourself How is anyone supposed to know about you if you don't introduce yourself? This process of getting your name out there can vary depending on your artistic field, but regardless there are several strategies that are always smart to employ.

Mailers: Send prospective art directors and clients postcards with samples of your work. These postcards should include images of your work, your name, address, and a number where they can reach you.

Exhibitions: Don't be afraid to show your work to the public. The more people who see your work the better, especially if your work is good (hence the strong body of work). Many galleries have opportunities for the public and laymen artists to show their work. Look for these opportunities and take advantage! Step 3: Make a Website Lets face it folks, ever since the dawn of the internet we have been living in the digital age. We turn to the internet for everything now a days, why should this be any different? Once you have a strong body of work put together you should learn how to create your own website to advertise it. The website will act as a professional digital gallery for all of your work. You should also include your website URL on all of your mailers so that prospective clients can explore your body of work. Many of you in my class seem to be very curious on how one becomes a "PROFESSIONAL ARTIST". While I don't have an absolute fool proof answer for you, I do know that there are some key steps that are very important for anyone wishing to make art their profession.

I have created a little guide for you here that should help explain this process and help prepare you for a future in the arts! Perhaps the most important part of getting work is by creating a strong body of artwork. Whether you are a sculptor, painter, designer, illustrator, or photographer, it is very important that you create a large body of strong work that you are very proud of. This portfolio of work is what will be the primary tool in convincing potential clients on whether they want to hire you or buy your work or not.

Also, BE PROFESSIONAL! Make sure that you take care of your work and present it in a professional manner. If you don't respect your work, why should anyone else? Getting a professional looking portfolio book is always a good idea. Spare no expense! Important people will be looking at your book Don't be shy! Make sure everyone knows who you are and what you can do NOW GO GET EM!
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