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TV show review

Lego ninjago

Faizan Niazi

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of TV show review

Lego Ninjago Main characters KAI ZANE cole COLE JA J JAY JAY Sensei wu Lord Garmadon Mark Oliver Kirby Marrow Brent Miller Micheal Adomthwaite Zane Zane has the power of ice Jay Jay has the power of lightning Lord Garmadon Lord Garmadon is the enemy Channel Logo Day Every weekday
8:00 a.m. Rating 10/10 Show Slogan Masters of Spinjitsu Show Summary First, all the ninjas were training Next, the ninjas went outside to see if the city was safe. Then, they saw snakes and they were shooting lasers at the city. Next, they fought and won. Finally, the city was safe. Like. I liked when the ninjas fought the snakes Didn't like,When the ninjas were training Change. When they were training to fighting each other. My connection is when I was bored of training in soccer but my coach told me to. Proof, When my soccer coach changed from Striker to Midfielder. My connection is when I fought my big brother. My connection is like when I trained in soccer. Proof,My big brother hit for purpose and I hit him back then we started a fight Proof, My soccer teacher told me to train for the finals.
Change,When the ninja's were training to fighting. My connection is when I changed from playing games to seeing television. Opinion Kai Kai has the power of fire Vincent tong Cole Cole has the power of earth. Paul Bobson Sensei Wu Sensei wu is the master of all ninja's.
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