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Sociolinguistics mini research

Penang and Kedah dialect

Atilia Azman

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Sociolinguistics mini research

lecturer : Mr. Nor Azman Sociolinguistic Mini Research Penang and Kedah dialect

"findings on differences of word of choice in gender and varieties according to areas." Group members

Fatin Izati binti Ahmad Badri
Nor Atilia Suraya binti Azman
Sharmini Thangarajan
Nur Hanisah binti Hasnan
Sabrina binti Razali BIL 3083 Penang dialect : Malay Anak Mami vs Malay Male
word choice uttered influence by their background words style Malay Male Malay Anak Mami bengis(fierce)
pekena(punked) Compare cengeih (fierce)
katok(hit) (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr humble
care for others feeling
low intonation talk boastfully
high pitch Our discussion
- Anak Mami Male only talk that way to their close friend or in a specific situation. For example, angry at someone or justifying their points

-their pitch and high intonation influence by their mother tongue;indian language, formally because they only learn Bahasa Malaysia after married local people

- their style of talking is more assertive and direct compared to Malays style of speaking that is consider moderate and double entendre island used pyor(strong) dialect compared to mainland Mainland Vs Island the area which still using strong (pyor)Penang dialect compised in Georgetown (Komtar), Jelutong and Butterworth

In contrast, Kepala Batas, Seberang Jaya and Perai speak moderate Penang dialect which mix with KL dialect and a bit of Kedah.
this due to the influence of Kedahan, Kelantanese and Perakian who migrated to Penang for the purpose of economic and education.

Original Penang community that still exist in the Island that preserve their culture and traditional lifestyle at the suburbed area is Balik Pulau (Kg. Nelayan), Teluk Kumbar and Teluk Tempoyak. Our discussion Word Choice Gender (word choice & perception) Perceptions Standard Kedah Dialect - usual spoken word of choice used in the local people daily life Kedah Dialect Northern Vs Southern Kedah dialect - differences of word of choice used
by local people in southern and northern part in Kedah Kedah dialect The aim of the mini research achieves its aim in some part after we observed that there is an influence of word choice in gender.

Other observation we found is the dialect also varies according to areas in Penang and Kedah Conclusion Kedah Dialect Southern dialect VS Northern dialect
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