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HCI Presentation

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Jenny Reese

on 28 July 2015

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Transcript of HCI Presentation

What You Need To Know About Cancer
Physical Activity
Helps in maintaining a healthy body weight
Helps in bone, muscle, and joint strength and health
Decreases risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity

Lack of Physical Activity
Increases cancer risk for
Postmenopausal breast
Financial Consequences of
Tobacco use is responsible for almost 30% of cancer deaths in the United States.
Marijuana smoke contains a greater amount of carcinogens than tobacco smoke

Marijuana users tend to inhale more deeply as well as hold their breath longer than tobacco smokers do, which increases the lungs exposure to carcinogenic smoke

Marijuana can be associated with mental, emotional and behavioral changes
Tobacco use increases your risk for 17 different cancers
Head & Neck Respiratory System Digestive System Urogenital System

-Nasopharynx -Lung -Esophagus -Kidney
-Nasal Cavity -Bronchus -Stomach -Ureter
-Oropharynx -Liver -Bladder
-Oral Cavity -Pancreas -Ovary
-Hypopharynx -Uterine Cervix
Health Consequences of Smoking
Smoke damages cilia so that mucus, dust and bacteria cannot be cleaned from the lungs
Cigarette smoke contains over 7,000 chemicals, 69 of which are known to cause cancer.
Nicotine causes addiction in the brain
Decreases physical activity level
Increases shortness of breath
Increases risk of disease:
emphysema, COPD, cancer
Nutrition &
Physical Activity
30% of cancer diagnoses are related to being overweight/obese, physically inactive, and consuming a poor diet
Fast Food
What Is So Good About Fast Food?
Fast food is cheap, easy, requires little time, and tastes great
High in fat, sugar, and salt

Changes Made in Food in The Past 50 years
Twice as much fat
Higher amount of saturated fat
2/3 less fiber content
Sugar additives & products it is in
Reduced nutrients
Processing procedures
What's The Healthier Option
3 Main Types of Skin Cancer

Basal Cell Carcinoma

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Ways to Prevent Skin Cancer
Wear SPF 30 sunscreen

Wear long sleeved shirts and pants

Avoid being outside during 10am-4pm

Don't use tanning beds

Wear sunglasses and hats

Don't intentionally tan and/or burn skin in any way

Tips for Sunscreen
Apply 20 minutes before going outside

Reapply every 2 hours, no matter the SPF of the sunscreen

Buy sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium oxide

Buy water resistant sunscreen

Buy sunscreen with UVA/UVB broad spectrum
Sun Safety True or False?

Tanning beds are a safe alternative to the sun

SPF 100 will protect you more from the sun than SPF 30

People who are allergic to sunscreen can buy hypoallergenic sunscreen

Skin cancer is not life threatening

Skin cancer can spread to other areas of the body, such as the brain, lungs, and liver
Fear of being rejected
Individuals link smoking with social activities
Stress management
Individuals feel as if smoking is vital for survival
Psychosocial Consequences of Tobacco
Resembles a standard cigarette, uses a battery and atomizer to heat a solution which, when inhaled, delivers vaporized nicotine.

Lack of scientific data about safety
Not regulated by the FDA
Targets a younger population
What Are UVA/UVB rays?

How do they affect us?

Where are they found?

What Does Skin Cancer Look Like?
Social Consequences of Tobacco
The average cost of a pack of cigarettes in Utah


If you smoke one pack per day

/ month

/ year
-Stained teeth -Dulls the sense of taste and smell
-Tooth decay -Causes premature wrinkles
-Bad breath -Rejection from peers
-Foul-smelling hair and clothes -Violation of the law
-More places do not allow smoking;
airplanes, auditoriums, restaurants, malls, hospitals, etc.
Obesity & Cancer
Obesity increases the risk of several different cancers including:
postmenopausal breast

Obesity negatively impacts cancer, increasing chance of:
tumor recurrence
decreasing patient survival
Obesity & Cancer
Excess body fat increase hormone levels within the body influencing cell division
Obesity and excess body fat causes inflammation within the body
Excess hormone levels and inflammation increase an individuals risk of developing cancer

How Much Exercise Should You Be Getting?
Body Mass Index
BMI is a measure of body fat based on weight in inches x weight in kilograms
What is Your BMI
- contain fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals
- (whole grains) contain fiber essential for good digestion and nutrients
- (low fat or fat free) for strong bones
Protein Foods
- good sources of nutrients and protein
- good supply of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats essential for good health
*Smoking costs the U.S. more than 68 billion annually, in the form of increased healthcare, lost productivity and insurance costs
Tobacco smoke contains more than 200
poisonous chemicals including:
used for rat poison
used for toilet bowl cleaner
Carbon monoxide:
found in car exhaust pipe
used for roofing and waterproofing
one of the most addictive drugs known, also used as poison in bug sprays
Contains high levels of toxic compounds (tar, carbon monoxide, carcinogens and heavy metals)
Linked to lung and oral cancers, heart disease, and other illnesses
Delivers about the same amount of nicotine as cigarette smoking
Hookah pipes may not be cleaned properly, increasing the risk of infectious diseases
Effects of smoking hookah
Children/Adolescents = 60 minutes daily

Adults = 30 minutes daily/ 5 days a week
Skin Cancer
Melanoma accounts for 4% of all skin cancers and 70% of all skin cancer deaths
Eating fast food regularly increases your chance of overweight & obesity
BMI may not be the right option for you. If you are concerned about your BMI consult with your physician.
Cancer Is. . .
A disease in which normal cell start behaving badly
Normal Cells vs. Cancer Cells
cell pictures
Huntsman Cancer Institute
What Is Cancer?
Knowledge of the genetic basis of cancer is essential to understanding the disease
Mission Statement
Understand cancer from its beginnings

Use that knowledge in the creation and improvement of cancer treatments

relieve the suffering of cancer patients

Provide education about cancer risk, prevention, and care
Snapshot of A Day At The HCI Hospital
61 patients staying in the hospital
378 outpatient visits
62 chemotherapy infusion treatments
95 radiation therapy procedures
17 cancer surgeries
219 radiology procedures
HCI Genetic Research
Genetic Data:

Improves our understanding of cancer biology

Helps identify individuals at increased risk for the disease

Increases our ability to characterize various subtypes of cancer

Designs treatment plans tailored to the specific cancer subtype

Develops new cancer treatments
Grow abnormally
Multiply uncontrollably
Ignore signals to stop
Accumulate to form a mass
Invade other tissue
Spread via blood and lymphatic system
A Cancer Analogy
Cake Batter Cookies And Cancer
1 box Devil's Food cake mix
1/4 cup canola oil
2 large eggs
Powdered sugar for garnish

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and spray cooking sheet or line with parchment paper
combine cake mix, oil and eggs until everything is combined
Pour powdered sugar into small bowl
Roll cookie dough into balls and place on cookie sheet
Bake approximately for 12 minutes
cool and enjoy
2 box Devil's Food cake mix
1 cup canola oil

Powdered sugar for garnish
Powdered sugar for garnish

Preheat oven to 35 degrees and spray cookie sheet with cooking spray or line with parchment paper
Combine cake mix, oil and eggs until everything is combined
Place turkey in oven
Roll cookie dough into balls and place on cookie sheet
Bake approximately for 12 minutes
cool and enjoy
The Genetic Alphabet
Genes, made of DNA, determine aspects of our appearance, like eye and hair color. They also play a role in our general health.
A, T, C, and G spell out our genes
Cancer Is 100 + Diseases
Similarities? Differences?
What Is A Woman's Lifetime Probability of Developing Cancer?
What Is A Man's Lifetime Probability of Developing Cancer
1 in 3 women will develop cancer
1 in 2 men will develop cancer
What's In Your
Vending Machine?
Premature Aging
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