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No description

Sarah Labovitz

on 19 April 2018

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Transcript of Jacob

Conducting Your Way to
Better Classroom

Management Techniques

Dealing with two matters simultaneously
Keeping the lesson moving without being sidetracked
Transitioning between activities seamlessly
Avoidance of "stimulus-boundedness", "thrusts", "dangles", "flip-flops"
Group Focus
Keeping students on their toes
Holding students accountable for tasks
Classroom activities work toward objectives without boredom
Knowing what is going on in all areas of the class, at all times
Students know that the teacher knows everything that is going on
Eye contact
Positive podium presence
Relays interpretive information
Rehearses with big ears
Conducting Smoothness
Non-verbal teaching cycles
Completes teaching cycles
Purposeful warm ups
Closure before changing activities
Conducting Overlapping
Conduct with hand independence
Rehearses smart
Trains group to ignore distractions
Keeping the pace of the class appropriately fast
Avoiding "overdwelling" and "fragmentation"
Non-verbal teaching cycles
Familiarity with score to minimize down time
Has multiple solutions for anticipated problems
Avoid jumping around a piece
Group Focus
Train group to react to gesture
Vary gesture and rehearsal technique
Run rehearsals non-verbally
Have and keep high standards
Rehearse smart
Who was Jacob Kounin?
January 17, 1912- October 7, 1995
Wrote the book "Discipline and Group Management in Classrooms"
Taped teachers with good and bad classroom management
Found there was no difference in how both sets of teachers responded to disruptive students
Thought discipline and instruction needed to be thought of as one in order to effectively manage
Believed in PROACTIVE classroom management
Preparing to Utilize Group Management Techniques
While Conducting
Score Study
Hear how all aspects of the music should sound in your head
Make interpretive decisions
Anticipate problems
Listen to Recordings of Your Group
Make plans for future rehearsals
Assess your interpretive decisions and rehearsal strategies
Presented by Dr. Sarah Labovitz
Associate Director of Bands
Arkansas State University

Watch Video of Yourself
Are you saying what you think you are?
Do you look like the music?
Are you wasting time? How can your correct it?
Practice Being Visually and Aurally Observant
Practice error detection
Critically think about other's interpretations
Observe rehearsals and concerts and be consciously aurally and visually assessing
Preparing to Utilize Group Management Techniques
While Conducting
Reactive Classroom
Management Strategies
Have a management system in place
Make students & parents aware of your system
Keep documentation
Ask for help
Stay within the composition of your character
Deal with the root problem
Avoid using music as punishment
Be firm, fair, and CONSISTENT
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