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Tone and Mood


Hilary Prescott

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Tone and Mood

The author's attitude toward the subject, revealed by the words he chooses Tone How do you feel about bats? Perhaps because bats are nocturnal in habit, a wealth of thoroughly unreliable legend has grown up about them, and men have made of the harmless, even beneficial little beasts a means of expressing their unreasoned fears. Bats were the standard paraphernalia for witches; the female half of humanity stood in terror that bats would become entangled in their hair. Phrases crept into the language expressing man's revolution or ignorance--"Bats in the Belfry," "Batty," "Blind as a Bat."

Folson, Frank. "Life in Caves." Crown Publishers, Inc. New York. How does this guy feel about bats? L - language
I - images
D - details
D - diction
S - sentence structure LIDDS method The overall use of language.
Is the language used formal? Is there slang? Can you "read the accent"? L - language Vivid appeals to understanding through senses.

Remember our 5 senses poetry? Can you see, taste, touch, smell, or feel anything? I- images Facts that are included or those omitted.

What is the author describing? Is there anything conspicuously absent? Is he leaving us out on purpose? D - details The connotation of the words choice. D - diction How sentence structure affects the reader's attitude. S - sentence structure
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