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Natural Selection Vocabulary

No description

Aifos Mujna

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Natural Selection Vocabulary

Vocabulary Product Natural Selection The gradual change in a species over time ADAPTATION A behavior or characteristic that allows an organism to survive & reproduce EVOLUTION NATURAL SELECTION A process in which the better adapted organisms are likelier to survive; like "Survival of the Fittest!" GALAPAGOS FINCHES These birds are like the mommies of evolution! Darwin studied them and noted 4 different species CHARLES DARWIN A naturalist who formed the Theory of Evolution FOSSIL RECORD The collection of MILLIONS of fossils that scientists have collected FOSSILS The preserved traces/remains of now-dead organisms CAMOUFLAUGE MIMICRY ADAPTATION: An organism looks A LOT like another similar, yet very different, organism! ADAPTATION: An animal can blend into its surroundings HOMOLOGOUS STRUCTURE A body part that is similar in related species The End!! In Samoa, a species of butterfly was being attacked by parasites, and the male population was only 1%. In a year, it was 40% because all the new males were resistant to the pests. The shorter beaked hummingbird is less suited to the environment than the hummingbird with the longer beak, because of the deep flowers. The shorter beaked one will die off or should find a new environment. The finches all grew adapted to the different environments and food sources on their separate islands, resulting in the different beaks!!!!!!! Adaptations differ from traits because traits can be good OR bad while ALL adaptations are advantageous . "I have called this principle, by which each slight variation, if useful, is preserved, by the term of Natural Selection." Charles Darwin actually wanted to be a doctor! However, he couldn't STAND the sight of blood, even though he once ATE AN OWL! Fossil record also has to do with the dating of the fossils, like Mesozoic and Cenozoic Era fossils. There are 3
major types:
Real, Cast,& Trace The structures generally just carry out the same function, like for birds and dragonflies, but they may show evidence of a common ancestor!!!!!! Example:
Polar bears have black skin, but their white fur helps them blend in! Example:
The King Snake isn't
poisonous, but the Coral
Snake is! Most animals
avoid the king
snake for fear
it's really a
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