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Highlights of Tools for Teaching by Fred Jones

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Nicole S

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Highlights of Tools for Teaching by Fred Jones

Highlights of
Tools for Teaching
by Fred Jones

Solution: VIPs
Visual Instruction Plans
Visual aides that depict
each step
to be learned, to which students can refer during independent practice

Praise, Prompt, Leave
Responsibility Training
Omission Training
Why use this system?
During independent practice,
keep interactions brief

1) Focus on what is done correctly
2) Direct them to the next step using the VIP
3) Resume circulating among students

So... what's the incentive?
Increments of time for a preferred activity, awarded only when
is prepared
Everybody is seated when the bell rings?
One extra minute to work on your art projects!

All pencils sharpened?
30 more seconds!

Everyone has their book?
Another 30 seconds!
A modified incentive system for that one student who would always lose the incentive for the class
The student can gain
preferred activity time for the class by being prepared. He is
from the group contingency.
Why would this work?
1) Student is motivated to be prepared because he changes from social outcast to hero
2) Rest of class does not lose the incentive everyday
Students are off-task when you are helping individuals during independent practice.
How can you free yourself to circulate the room but still help students who are stuck?
Time is wasted because students are not ready to learn when class starts
Give students an incentive to be on-time and prepared
Sounds great in theory, but there's always that one student who ruins it for everyone...
Wait... Is that fair to the other students?
This student has different needs and motivations than the other students.
3) Class can earn
preferred activity time
Weakens negative behavior
strengthens positive behavior

Motivates students to cooperate and work as a team

The more provocative the student,
the more positive the response
positive relationships
with students and empowers them to be responsible for their behavior
Jones, F. H. & Jones, P. (2012).
Tools for teaching:

Discipline, instruction, motivation
(2nd ed.). Santa

Cruz, CA: Fredric H. Jones & Associates.
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