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Knitting My Graduate Degree

Urban Biodiversity & Biophilia=Advanced Inquiry Program, Miami University & Woodland Park Zoo. Music by Herbie Hancock.

Tracey Byrne

on 30 October 2016

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Transcript of Knitting My Graduate Degree

Habitats, Adaptations, & Environment
Zoo Expedition 2-Autumn 2013
Master Plan in Action
Autumn 2013
Leadership in Science
Conservation, Science & Community
2 Bee or Not 2 Bee
Columbia Plateau & Pygmy Rabbits
Northwest Wildlife Conservation
Knitting My Graduate Degree
Borage Blossom Shawl
Foundations of Inquiry
Summer 2012
WPZ Expedition
Primate Behavior & Conservation
Autumn 2012
Gorilla Girl & Sumo socks
Aurora Borealis Scarf
Autumn 2012
Solstice 2012
Spring 2013
Issues in Biodiversity
Spring 2013
Biology in the Age of Technology
Amphibian Monitor
Citizen Science
Perspectives in
Environment & Culture
Spring 2013
Summer 2013
Pixie Hats for little chickadees
Farmers Market Socks
Knitting it all together...
Where is this journey taking me?
Oak & Acorn socks
Sage Blossom toque
African Bee-eater
NWC-2Wildlife Conservation in Zoos
The Oregon Coast & the Oregon Silverspot Butterfly
Summer 2014
Issues in Evolution
Autumn 2014
Tree of Life Faire Isle socks
Solstice 2014
Aurora & Snow Day Scarves
Professional Media Workshop
Spring 2015
Viking Cables Socks
Independent Research Project
Summer 2015
Summer 2015
Pesticides & Children
Master's Capstone
Autumn 2015
just wanna have fun
Forget-me-not Moss hat
Dancing in the Garden Faire Isle socks
bumblebee on wild rose
Frog & Tadpole Hat
Biodiversity & Biophilia
Quail & Bird of Paradise hats
Shrub-Steppe Shawl
Cabled headband
Rhubarb (pie) inspired scarf
Oregon White "Garry" Oak
Silverspot lace socks
& Shetland sheep
Leadship in Scientific Inquiry
Shield Maiden in her backyard wildlife habitat
Faire Isle Hats
and weaving in those "loose ends"
Chickadees prefer black oil sunflower seeds & suet
Spring 2014
Spring 2013
Solstice 2013
Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary
drink a beer-save a butterfly
Gromit's B-day Cowl
Honeybee socks for B
Engaging Communities in Conservation Solutions
Put a Bird on it!
Earth Day
Scarf & Mittens
Rewilding at Discovery Park
LSI=student leader WPZ African Biomes
2-day Birding Course
"Where Are the Butterflies?"
Summer 2015
Oregon Coast, 2014
Dream Stripes
Pacific Horticulture Society
Nordic + Argentina
the knitting continues...
Fearless Leaders:
Katie, Pengi, Jenny, and Kelly
Special thanks to my Mom & Dad
for nurturing my biophilia and bibliophilia, and who love to play
Agent of Fortune
"Knitting may not, on the surface, seem to be relevant to engines that run the world, but at its essence, it is actually quite vital.

For knitting, which can express so many emotions, most often expresses love.

And when all else is lost, love is what most often stays with us. "

~Melanie Falick, KnitLit
butterfly & beer enthusiasts
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