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Copy of Salesforce ESMB Presentation

No description

allyn mueller

on 7 July 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Salesforce ESMB Presentation

ESMB Account Executive
Brief Biography
Deal Win Review
Fast Start Plan
Why I am a Great Hire
Presented by: Allyn Mueller
Account Executive
Why I am a Great Hire

G-rit & Guts
A-loyal commitment
T-eam Player
Culture & People
Products & Market
Approach & Action
Manager & Metrics
Continuity Plan
Repeatable Success

Engineering Development Firm

10,000 consultants, designers, and engineers at over 30 locations worldwide and ranked one of the top branded Indian IT companies on the Fortune India 500 List.

Business Challenge:
Decentralized decision making and systems were making it almost impossible to track, communicate, measure, and make key business decisions on important initiatives.

Absense of uniformity and resources used made accessing real-time data and information very manual if not virtually unfeasible.
How I solved It:

Transitioned them to a single platform giving access to key personnel throughout the divisions

Aricent now had real-time data to make decisions on where it was best for them to invest their time, money, and personnel growth

1 unified system to advertise, track, communication, and measure made it possible to focus on their real initiative - growth in the United States

What were the Impact results?

The Aricent team was able to engage with top talent rather than recruiting abroad - ultimately saving them 1 million dollars in H1B Visa sponsorships every year

Aricent was now able to reduce their time to hire by decreasing the obstacles in their approval and offer process using automated workflow for communications & documents

The Aricent team added an average of 18 hours back to each individual users day - meaning he/she could now on their real initiative - growth in the United States
Sales Objections:

Fear of Change

Based on my presentation and our discussions so far:
Do you have any questions?
Is there anything preventing us from moving forward?
May I have this position?
Brief Biography
Deal Win Review
Fast Start Plan
Why I am a Great Hire
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