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Robert Williford

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Birds

Bird Characteristics
Like dinosaurs - Birds have scales, are vertebrates, and lay amniotic eggs.

Feathers -
down feathers -
are fluffy insulating feathers close to the birds body.
Contour feathers -
stiff central shaft with barbs that form side branches. Flight feathers.
preening -
birds spread water repellant oil on their feathers.

High energy - birds need alot of energy for flight so they have a high metabolism and maintain a warmer body temperature than us.

Food? - birds eat only high-protein high-fat things like insects, nuts, seeds, or meat because they need so much energy. They have a simple digestive system with a gizzard instead of a stomach and an intestine.
Bringing up a Baby
Kinds of Birds

Water birds:

Birds of Prey:

Perching Birds:
Characteristics for flight:
- large eyes to see from high elevation
- strong heart to make sure enough blood reaches the muscles.
- air sacs connected to the lungs to allow them to take in more air.
- wings related to type of flight
- hollow skeleton so they can be light enough for flight.
- powerful flight muscles (keel)
Like reptiles birds reproduce internally but they attend to their eggs differently.
Birds sit on their eggs until the eggs hatch using body heat to keep the egg warm. This is called
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