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Racial Stereotypes in South Park

No description

Jake Dvorak

on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of Racial Stereotypes in South Park

South Park
stereotype characters by their race? On which stereotypes does
South Park
South Park
stereotypes characters by their race. This is done by the main characters dressing up as a racial stereotype or by referring to them through their speech.
South Park does not rely on one specific stereotype but rather most or all of the common stereotypes that people know of.
South Park
successfully maintains racial stereotypes by integrating them into the speech and activities of the characters in the show. You can find a racial stereotype in almost any South Park episode which shows how stereotypes are maintained throughout the duration of the show.
Racial Stereotypes in
South Park

South Park
create, maintain or dismantle stereotypes about race?
South Park
maintains racial stereotypes as shown in multiple episodes across many seasons. Some of the races that are stereotyped in these episodes are African Americans, Chinese, and Hispanics.
South Park
limit or expand the viewer's understanding of racial identity?
South Park
limits its viewers' understanding of racial identity because it shows the most common stereotypes that most people know, which only teaches viewers of stereotypes but not how people of that certain race actually are. South Park does not introduce any new ideas that would expand its viewers' understanding of racial identity.
South Park
South Park
is an adult animated sitcom based on the outrageous adventures of four 4th graders who live in the town of South Park, Colorado.

The main characters are Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick.
Characters Stereotyped by Race
In this clip, Cartman stereotypes his African American friend, Token, by using the common stereotype that "all African Americans have rhythm" when he states that Token must have a bass guitar and he must know how to play it.
This picture shows how the characters of
South Park
dress up as racial stereotypes. Here, Cartman and Butters are dressed up as stereotypical Chinese people.
Other Characters Stereotyped by Race
In one episode of
South Park
, Cartman uses a hand puppet he made to imitate Jennifer Lopez. By doing this, Hispanics are stereotyped heavily. The main stereotype used here is that "all Hispanics love tacos and burritos."

The character Mr. Lu Kim is also stereotyped often. When he speaks, he cannot pronounce the "L" sound, which is a common stereotype of Asians.
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