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Vidhi Bhuptani

on 10 June 2015

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Police Brutality in Asia
Police Brutality in North America
Police Brutality in Africa
Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 311
What is Police Brutality?
Police Brutality in North America
Everyday occurrences in India
Police reactions during Burundi protests
(April 2015)
Darker red indicates more police brutality.
Canadian reactions to 2009 Toronto protests
Canadian officers-not all bad
Solutions: Cont.
Police Brutality in South America
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"I am a victim because I have been protesting clearly against the third term for Nkurunziza, which is illegal and unconstitutional. But so are their actions towards us"
-Burundi citizen

We're not anti-police, we're anti-police brutality
Solution #1: Tighten the leash
Biannual mental stability tests
Require cameras on all police personnel and vehicles
Make it a felony for an officer to turn off his/her camera/audio recording device
Make it a felony to destroy, tamper with, or withhold recordings of incidents in question
Have harsher penalties for officers suspected of police brutality
Citizens take action (Mobile Justice California)
Solution #2: Improve Officer Training
Train officers well enough so they do not have to resort to excessive force
Stress the ideas of self-defense and when it should be used
Train officers in how to deal with the community in less threatening ways
Improve communication skills of officers
Solution #3: Build understanding
Create closer community relations between officers and citizens
Citizens should refrain from aggravating police officers
Citizens and police officers should know each others' rights as well as there own
Officers should realize that they are threatening
Both should refrain from breaking laws
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