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Culture Clash Chef Greece

Soc. Stu project.

Eve Adam

on 5 June 2010

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Transcript of Culture Clash Chef Greece

Greek Cuisine! Traditional
Cheese Olives Wine/Grapes Fish Sauces Soups Sweets Tzatziki Sauce Yogurt/Cucumber dip Condiment, dip, spread! Melitzanosolata Popular eggplant dip Indigenous Grape Varieties Ouzo: Famous clear Greek beverage White Red Have been an important part for 4,000 yrs! Assyrtiko






White Muscat




Meats Skordalia Traditional Greek potato and garlic spread Keftedes
Greek meatballs Soak bread in wine
Add mint More unique than just a regular meatball!
Kourabiethes are national cookies of Christmas Day and New Year's! Greek butter cookies Many other versions in Mexico, Armenia, and Russia Another religious/cultural dessert: Vasiliopita! Fish=Psari




Smaller portions of meat Potatoes=Patates



Cheese=Tiree Taramosalata Greek fish roe spread Pink color Feta Cheese best known Highest cheese consumption in the world! White and soft About Me Alekos Andreou Work at Presidential Palace in Greece Went to Kea Artisanal on the island of Kea Galotiri-table cheese One of the oldest Kasseri-used to make pizza! "Pasta Filata" type Kefalograviera-hard cheese Ladotiri of Mitilini Only maufactured on the island of Mitilini Bakaliaro aka Cod Most widely eaten fish! A mix between the two! Kakavia=common fish soup Popular Old Wine: Retsina-good tasting and cheap! Lots of coastline; lots of fish! Most popular among locals: "marida" or "maridaki" Goes well with Retsina! Avgolemono is egg and lemon soup + Chicken Stock = Creamy w/ Citrus! Mayeritsa is a Greek Easter soup! Made of lamb; eaten after 40
days of fasting "Tiri" loved by all Greeks Kalamatas Olives Green Olives Black Olives Some Greek food consumed at the Getty Villa! (Compliments of Tara's lunch)
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