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APA Indiana Chapter 10.6.16

No description

Greg Wathen

on 25 October 2016

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Transcript of APA Indiana Chapter 10.6.16

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Regional Cities Initiative Overview
Community Engagement
Introduction to projects
One of the three regions to receive $42 million in state matching funds.

All about attracting and retaining talent.

Eleven 'bricks and mortar' projects are outlined in the plan to receive funds.
Projects are all in various stages and phases within projects that use Regional Cities funding must be completed by April 2020.
Oakland City University Downtown "U"
New Harmony
Arts & Food Project
Transformational community and
university partnership
Originally imagined,
intentionally created

Updating the region's front door
Evansville Airport
Terminal Renovation
Multi-Institutional Academic
Health Sciences & Research Facility
Embedded clinical research
Working lab for new urban living+ the Market on Walnut project
The Market
Victoria Master Plan
Development &
Conference Center
The new regional healthcare destination
Connectivity through lifestyle

Signature School
Science Center
Leveraging Indiana's #1 high school
Downtown Housing &
Fitness Center
By 2025
Grow population by
70,000 people.
Retain 80%
of physician residents.
Increase Evansville downtown population by
2,500 residents
• Build the brand of Southwest Indiana.

Steering Committee -
26 members with representation from each of the 4 counties
Working Group -
80 individuals that served as conduits to their greater communities to solicit ideas, input and feedback on more than 100 proposed projects
Individual Stakeholder meetings -
Refined concepts into implementable projects
Economic Development Coalition of Southwest Indiana -
management arm for Regional Cities Implementation
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