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Aztecs Innovations

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liliana valenzuela

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Aztecs Innovations

-Aztecs are located in Tenochtitlan which now is Mexico City
-Their empire had been built in a lake named Lake Texcoco

Aztecs society was composed of eight different social classes which were made up of rulers, warriors, nobility, priests, slaves, servants and middle class.
There are only two classes in the Aztecs social classes- the nobles and the commoners.
Their daily lives were as modern as ours. The husband was primarily responsible for supporting the family by working in farms and engaging in craft work. The wife's role was to provide for the family with clothing and food.
The Aztec ball game was a common activity they would have. The game was not just important for entertainment but also politics and religion.
All activities consisted of culture and religion.
Religion & Culture
The people believed that they owed a blood-debt to the gods. They wanted to avert disaster by paying the endless debt. Blood was a common theme - the sacrifice that the gods required
It was important for the Aztecs to trade everything because their economy relied heavily on agriculture and farming. Aztec farmers grew beans, squash, avocados, tobacco, hemp, peppers, and corn.
Aside from crops, the Aztecs market offers various goods and services for example, raw materials, finished products, jewelery, wood shop, and the main gathering ground for the Aztecs.
The Aztecs used a method called Chinampas were shallow lakes filled with mud or wet soil formed into a square shape for farming because since they didn't have tools they could use sticks to move the oil around.
Thank you!
- Aztecs had started as a nomadic group. They started off small and through time they became one of the most powerful empires in the Americas.
-The chief of the group had dream from their God telling him where ever he sees an eagle with a snake landing on a cactus, he will need build his empire.
- They had walked around for many years searching for the eagle, then they finally found it in the middle of Lake Texcoco
-Soon after ,the Aztec Empire was built, with time it had gained power and became infamous due to their human sacrifices.
Aztecs Innovations
by; Liliana V, Ashley A, Karla V, Danilu R.
-Some achievements of the Aztecs had been influenced around the world
-Today school is mandatory and so was in the Aztec empire, Aztecs had created schools in order to have the children grow up with more different inventions
-The city was layout and divided to four
city sections called campans
Aztec medicine
-Their resources were not limited, for example
gold, gold had helped them build their city and made it beautiful
-The civilization started of small then it had gone up to 5 million. With millions of people the
. They practiced surgery and other medical practices on the bodies of those who were sacrificed.

Aztec Architecture
Aztecs social class pyramid
-One big city that was known was Texcoco , having a population of 24,000 they had a advantage for trade because they were next to the lake.
-In that city farming was famous there,the "sunken" garden.
Aztecs Ball Game Tlachtli
-Throughout the whole empire there were temples ,pyramid much like in Egypt , and houses made out of wood and loam.
-Up til today most of the temples and pyramids stand due to have been made out of stone.
. Many of the pyramids were built based on their beliefs on astronomy, this influenced how many steps the pyramid had and the pyramids shape.
-Their empire was built on a lake so their farming in unique
-Chinampa beds were famous at the time and worked the same as an ordinary farmer
-The production of the farming had increase trade and the economics of the Aztecs Empire

Religion & Culture:
-Tools were very easy to make because it was the Bronze Age
- Many blades and farming tools had been created. The obsidian blades was a famous blade made out of the volcano rock.
-Wood and metal was useful for farming tools, like the Uuctli basically a wooden digging stick.
The Golden Age for the Aztecs had been when the leader Monctezuma 11 in 1503 , many inventions were created and lead to increase of population along with trade.
Aztecs religion had to deal with fear of nature, and a fear of the end of the world.
Ancient Aztecs religion involved gods, dates, directions, and colours.
Aztecs believed in many gods and worshiped each god.
Chalchluhtlicue (lady of the jade skirts)- was the goddess of water, lakes, and streams.
Religion was part of all levels of Aztec society, on one level ,religion was controlled by high preist governing the main temples. This level involved festivals and a number of specific rituals.
The Aztecs were polytheistic. They believed in over 100 different gods. Aztecs used the gods to help themselves explain certain events that took place on earth.
The aztecs civilization revolved around their gods. They thought the reason they existed and why they were to have Tenochtitlan when it was because of the gods and the tales of the gods are a lot of their daily lifes.
. The Aztecs recognized three main reasons for sickness, they were disease, injury and supernatural causes.
. Doctors were trained in medical schools before providing healthcare
. They contributed more than 3000 remedies to the Spaniards and one of the most beneficial was the contribution of soap.
. Their motivation for building
the pyramids was to get closer to the skies where their gods were located.
. The Aztecs used local stone material like rubble and limestone that were found in the area to build the top of the pyramid and the colorful stone designs.
-The most known calender was the Xiuhpohualli , it has 365 days
-This calendar describes the days and ritual related to the seasons
-The language of the Aztecs it is called Tonalpohualli
- this calendar divides the days and rituals between the gods.
-The Aztecs had many inventions that are influenced us today, for that today we have the color red, herbalism and education
-Through there was much more being influenced at the time, we gain so much from the Aztecs passed down through generations .
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