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-Kazbor Grille-

No description

haley mcvay

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of -Kazbor Grille-

Name of mentor: Tina McVay The purpose of this company is to provide people that want to eat out with food and drinks. This company in 15 years there will probably be more of kazbors open across lakeland if not florida. For this job you have to have florida state law have a manegment class and a certificate. you also need to have a carrer in owner ship or managment. i dont know if any college degree is needed my mentor did not go to college for this she just took the owner ship/ managment class. My mentor does not have a salary. she gets paid $700 to $750 a week for working. because she is the owner she gets paid on how much tips she makes within the two week paying period. The technology used in this job is the computers the watters put the orders in and then they print in the back for the cooks. the only other thing that is used that in technology related "settling the bach" menaing you count all the money that you made for the day and you put it in the computer and it sends to the main corparte office. The skills needed for this job is knowing how
be caring to your custormers, knowing how to work the system, how to be a hostess, or a watress. I would like to pursue in this company. because owning things to my family is a "tradition" i guess you could say.
What i liked best about this job is you get to tell people what to do but at the same time you have to maintane a postitve attitude. I disliked when my mentor was finding that some of her employes werent doing there jobs right and she had sit down and talk to them about there attitude.
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