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Teaching and Learning Support Team

No description

Sonja Rivera

on 23 July 2015

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Transcript of Teaching and Learning Support Team

Use it!
Helps students to develop a critical approach to the sources of information,
and gives advice on how to evaluate the quality of the information they find.
Reference it!
Clarifies the purpose of referencing, provides practical guidance on how to reference, and how to use citation management software.
How we deliver
New students inductions
Group training session
Drop-in sessions (SMD)
1 to 1 support on appointment
E-mail enquiries

What is
Information Literacy?
Mission and Goals
Our dedicated team of Faculty Librarians and Information Assistants ensure
information literacy skills
teaching and support is delivered to the highest standards.

Faculty Liaison Librarians

“Knowing when and why you need information, where to find it, and how to evaluate, use and communicate it in an ethical manner” (CILIP, 2004)
Teaching and Learning Support Team
Information Assistants
Paula Funnell
James Soderman
Lindsay Ure
Development and delivery of improved IL teaching to:

of learning resources
of e-access
search techniques
Provide guidance on how to

ILS knowledge bank on QMPlus
Integrating ILS materials with academic modules on QMPlus
Library website subject guides
Promoting Reading Lists Online


Academic collaboration
The TLS team has delivered components of UG modules
within Electronic Engineering and Computer Science,
as well as Engineering and Materials Science,
in collaboration with colleagues from the
Learning Development Team

Links to broader College strategy, Employability and Lifelong Learning

Increasing collaboration with Academic department by promoting the role of support of Faculty Librarians

Launched in September 2014, the ILSKB module on QMplus is primarily aimed at Undergraduate students.

17,000 visits by June 2015

Significant access from QMUL students
based overseas
ILSKB module on QMplus
Find it!
Provides guidance on how to
retrieve information effectively
Development of embedded
ILS components of
within Politics and International Relations
and Dentistry.
ILS support
for students based
on joint award programmes
in China
Definition of skill-sets and levels
(basic, intermediate, advanced)

Reviewing our ILS support to researchers

Revising content and delivery of staff training

Developing the
Information Literacy Skills Strategy
Developing the
Information Literacy Skills Strategy
Martin Beeson
Teaching and Learning Support Manager
HSS= Anthea Chou & Andrew Lewis
SE = Jack Gain
SMD =Sonja Rivera
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