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The Woody Manufacturing Company Proposal by 4titude

No description

Nicole Bordo

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of The Woody Manufacturing Company Proposal by 4titude

Management Structure
separated into three branches
The Woody Manufacturing Company Proposal
by 4titude

Training Branch
One crafts person and the school teacher will be responsible for training the twelve people with no previous woodworking experience or other skills.
Production Branch
Mostly be focusing on producing the bar stools as well as finishing the bar stools created by the trainees or beginning the bar stools for the trainees to finish.
would be working on a small section of tasks in the bar stool-making process (in training branch)
exposed to all areas of the process (production branch)
Last manager and handles company pay.
Our team has reviewed Mr. Woody's goals and mission statement, and has come up with a plan that we feel best allows Woody and his business to prosper.

One of the three managers would be managing each of these units and be reporting to
Mr. Woody.
Payroll System
Pay will start at a certain base amount, and will increase a certain amount for every additional skill an employee has
Hourly pay system will be utilized instead of an output based pay system. By using an hourly pay system, workers can focus more on the quality of each bar stool, instead of rushing through them to reach quotas.
Offer company stock options.

When employees have a stake in the company, they are more likely to take pride in their job as well as produce higher quality work.
Position Flow Chart
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