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top 8 famous youtubers

No description

Cwrt Sart

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of top 8 famous youtubers

the you tubers
the youtuber have to be over 1 million subs
if you dont like the youtubers i picked just make one yourself.
number 1 on our list is the fine bros. The fine bros have got over 2 million subs the fine bros are Benny fine and Rafi Fine. the fine bros do reactions like kids react teens react elder react and you tubers react and sometimes they do comedies of people. the youtuber have been on there are Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox of Smosh, Tyler Oakley, iJustine, WongFuProductions, Harley Morenstein of Epic Meal Time, Shane Dawson, Tay Zonday, Shay Carl, Zoella Sugg, Tanya Burr, Joey Graceffa, Rhett and Link, Tim Chantarangsu, Blair Fowler, JacksGap (Jack Harries & Finn Harries), Joe Penna, Jordan Maron, Phillip DeFranco, Charles and Alli Trippy of Internet Killed Television, Jack Douglass, Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, hosts from SourceFed, members of the band Walk off the Earth, Hank Green from the VlogBrothers, Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie), Dan Howell from Danisnotonfire, Phil Lester from AmazingPhil, SkyDoesMinecraft, and Ryan Higa (nigahiga) among others.[40] At one point Tay Zonday
number 8

number 7 on our list is tom aka syndicate Tom has over 5 million subs in 5 years and tom has been to over 5 country's in 18 weeks.
number 7
number 6 on our list is comedy shorts gamer this guy is brother of KSI and if you dont know him get a life.
number 6
number 5 on our list is KSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you don't know KSI get a life. he is amazing and the best fifa youtuber ever.
number 5
number 4 on our list wroetoshaw is the most funniest youtuber ever.
number 4
number 3 its getting real
number 2 on our list is SMOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best and smosh games is good
number 2 really serious
now the final is PEWDIEPIE!!!!!!!!!!!! is the best ever. And has over 20 million subs
number 1 final
top 8 famous youtubers of all time
the yogscast!!! is amzing maks cool videos everyday.
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