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Fossil Fuels vs. Alternative Fuels

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William Zipperer

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Fossil Fuels vs. Alternative Fuels

Fossil Fuels vs. Alternative Energy

Thesis Statement
''Fossil Fuels today run our country along with many others, they give us electricity in our houses and allow us to put gas in our cars unlike alternative energy that is expensive and less efficient to produce in today's time.''
Why I Chose This?
I chose this topic because i feel like it is a pressing issue in America today. It is said that our oil reserves are going to run out in the near future and the only thing that is going to support or need for fuels is alternative energy. Unfortunately though alternative energy no time in the near future will be able to replace fossil fuels and do the same thing as fossil fuels for the same cost or less.
Problems with alternative energy
Why they are so important
Fossil fuels are so important in today world just because they are used to power everything we use that needs energy to work like:
cell phones
These are just a few of the things that require energy to work.

Wind Turbines
Wind turbines to make cost between 1.3 to 2.2 million and after the install it comes out to be about 3 to 4 million. Along with them costing so much they are always breaking down and require lots of maintenance. Wind turbines also are killing birds due to them trying to nest on them but then get hit by the props and killing them.
Hydroelectric Power
Hydroelectric power although very clean has it is problems too. Not only is it very expensive to put a dam up but it damages the ecosystem. The dams can mess up the migration of a fish and other animals. Dams also cause the water to become dirty and unhealthy for anything living in it or drinking from it.
Nuclear Power
Nuclear power is one of the highest electric producing sources but with that comes one big problem. Nuclear plants are very dangerous and if they have any major break downs or failures it could be a horrible disaster. Along with that nuclear plants are also the most expensive power producers to build, these plants are multi-billion dollar builds and along with that there operation cost is very expensive.
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Do we have much left?
Although people think we don't have much oil left it is proven that some of the biggest oil reserves haven't even been tapped into yet. Off the coast of California oil companies know that the biggest reserve is just sitting there ready to be drilled. Along with that there is another one in the Gulf of Mexico, this is the same one that caused the big BP oil spill. These two reserves are both proven to be bigger then the reserves in Saudi Arabia, which is the biggest reserves are now and supply us right now
By William Zipperer
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