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No More Dead Dogs by: Gordon Korman, Fall Book Project

No description

Lizzie Liu

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of No More Dead Dogs by: Gordon Korman, Fall Book Project

Lizzie Liu, Period 4 No More Dead Dogs
By: Gordon Korman 1.The Call to Adventure: In the beginning of the book ,Wallace Wallace, the main character, had to write a book report for Mr. Fogleman's class. This report was on, Old Shep, My Pal, By Zack Paris. As a result of Wallace always telling the truth about everything, he was set for detention because of his book report was negatively against the book, Old Shep, My pal.
- "Old Shep, My pal is a timeless classic!" roared the teacher. 8. The Crossing, or Return Threshold Stage 3: The Return Stage 1: Departure Stage 1: Departure 2. Refusal of the Call Since the famous football hero, Wallace was in for Detention, he could not play until he wrote an acceptable book report. This angered him, his teammates, and his hopeful fans. Stage 1: Departure 3. The Beginning of theAdventure This is where Wallace enters his detention, which ends up to be a school drama club directed by Mr.Fogelman, thats doing a play on, Old Shep, My Pal. Stage 2: Initiation and
Transformation 4. The Road of Trials Wallace was told by Mr.Fogelman that in order for him to leave detention he must write a, "proper review of Old Shep, My Pal." Proving that Wallace has at least read the book. Wallace fails in writing the report so as a result he stays in detention. Stage 2: Initiation and
Transformation 5. The Abyss The greatest challenge of Wallace was that the drama club really
liked his way of directing and changing scripts in the play so he
basically took Mr.Fogelmans job indirectly. While that was happening someone (shadow figure) was messing with the drama club by destroying sets, throwing objects mysteriously at the actors and actresses, writing things about the play on the sets, etc. Since everyone knows Wallace does not like the book, Old Shep, My Pal, everyone still insists he is doing the damage while being "undercover". On the other hand Wallace trys to make it clear to them it is not him and he trys to find out who is setting him up. Stage 2: Initiation and
Transformation 6. The Experience with Unconditional Love and Transformation WIth the Love of his fellow friends of the drama club, he is able to enjoy his time in the drama club or his "detention". His mentor(s) are his friends from drama club who actually appreciate his work than his friends from football. His mentor(s) help him understand who his true friends are and where he actually belongs and quites the Giants football team to work on the play. Stage 2: Initiation and
Transformation 7. The Ultimate Boon Wallace realizes how much the drama club loves him to be part of the play so he keeps helping until the play is a success and also he finds out who the "shadow figure" is, it is the drama clubs leader, Rachel Turner's little brother, Dylan Turner. Wallace understands the true meaning of friends
and at the end he understands the truth of himself by knowing exactly where he belongs. He also ends up
joining back with the Giants football team again as where he always has been, a bench warmer, which was the
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