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Feeding The Underpriviliged Familes With The Los Angeles Clippers

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alexa santillo

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Feeding The Underpriviliged Familes With The Los Angeles Clippers

Feeding the underprivileged Families With the Los Angeles Clippers Soon the families arrived. As they strolled into the room, we saw smiles from ear to ear. I instantly noticed the excitement when I saw the first child run up to the table and pick up a book. After all the families came in one by one, we began to serve our food. The aroma of fried chicken and chicken sandwiches filled the room as we released the shiny silver tops from the trays. We could see the growling of their stomachs in their eyes by the way they approached the food filled table. After serving firsts, seconds, thirds, and even fourths, we were joined by six players of the Los Angeles Clippers. Steve Novak, Marcus Camby, Blake Griffin, Brian Skinner, Al Thornton, and Ricky Davis shuffled their way through the families introducing themselves and giving bear hugs to the agape children. The children's eyes were opened wide with excitement and they starred in awe at the seven foot tall basketball players as they hung over them. The players made their way slow and sloth-like up to the front, where a fresh green Christmas tree unified the room. The smell of the tree made it feel warm and full of love like it was Christmas morning. The players gathered in the front, on the red fluffy couches with the children and began to read Christmas tales to them.
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