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Location-Based Marketing and Advertising

No description

Seo Jiwon

on 30 November 2011

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Transcript of Location-Based Marketing and Advertising

Location-Based Market And Advertising Location-Based Market And Advertising 20091082 Jihoon Kim
20091148 Jiwon Seo
20101041 Kyooseung Kim 1. Two different approaches to capturing consumer interest are described in this case. How do the Placecast and AdLocal approaches differ? 2. Do you think that targeted advertising is better than a blanket approach? What is the difference for the advertiser? For the consumer?
Location-Based Marketing? A kind of Location based services

Take location data from communication network or GPS

Recognize your position & Send proper informations It is win-win game!

Customer: Easy to take several informations!

Shopkeepers: Easy to introduce their shop! O & Their scheme Is this what you know? Is this what you know? UK based mobile carrier Or Is this what you know? Or Is this what you know? Book Contents 1st step Finished 2nd step Last step Start (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Their Scheme Take customers data
(Age, Gender, Interests...) A customer is
near an outlet Grasp customer's location
their communication network Send informations
about the outlet
(50% sale, launched new products...) Placecast & Adlocal Case Study A location-based digital advertising company

Provides ShopAlerts
(opt-in marketing service)

Opt-in marketing service
Placecast AdLocal 2 Digital advertising company

Opt-out marketing service Thank you !! Intelectual Question : When customer wants to take e-mail or various
informations, then company send the informations
to customer. : When customer doesn't wants to take e-mail or
various informations, then company doesn't send
the informations to customer. : Junk mail You want to be a new brand CEO.
So, you need to advertise your brand using Placecast or AdLocal. Question Placecast AdLocal Strength Weakness Customers can
take informations
that they wants Minorities know
the information and
ripple effect is low Majorities know
the information and
ripple effect is high Customers can feel repulsion
about our brand
because of
recurrent waste information For
Mania For
popularities Then, which scheme you choose? 20091082 Jihoon Kim
20091148 Jiwon Seo
20101041 Kyooseung Kim 3. The information from the comScore survey did not differentiate between age groups, only country. Do you think there are differences in behavior among different age groups that would make location-based marketing better for one group than another?
4. Think of business in your area that might benefit from joining the O2 scheme. What could they offer? Answer We choose placecast advertising method!

In case of our country, internet activity is vigorous and participation of internet user is also vigorous. So, placecast marketing method is suitable to our country rather than scattering advertising indiscriminately.
If we primarily make mania who satisfies our products, they will increase our brand's credibility. Then, potential customers will visit our shop and would be our customers. Placecast? or AdLocal? Placecast? or AdLocal?
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