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Writing a Comparative Answer: Leaving Certificate English

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Hazel Weir

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of Writing a Comparative Answer: Leaving Certificate English

Foundation Drive Cultural Context General Vision and Viewpoint Finally - the 10 commandments Core Read and analyse the Questions

Use an abbreviation of the title once you have mentioned it in full the first time - e.g. "How Many Miles to Babylon?" becomes HMMTB

Quotations are effective and useful - choose some relevant ones and LEARN THEM

60 - 70 Minutes writing: A comparative answer needs length (c. 1000 words) - Ordinary level can be somewhat shorter. 1. Know your texts
3. Coherent, Clear, accessible language Remember the Marking Scheme

30% Purpose
30% Coherence
30% Language
10% Mechanics

Purpose = engagement with the set task
i.e. relevance and focus
P = 30% = ANSWER THE QUESTION Writing a Comparative Answer 1. The world of the Text
2. Values and attitudes that prevail
in the world
3. Does the world offer the main character
opportunities for happiness and fulfillment
4. What obstacles block happiness and
5. Power, class, gender, family, personal
freedom etc. 1. View that emerges in reading and interpretation of text
2. bright/optimistic or dark/pessimistic
3. Hopeful or despairing re. prospects for human happiness
4. Ending is very important
5. Personal response
6. Confidence to express 1. Analyse the Question
2. Understand TWO of the prescribed modes and how they relate to your texts
3. Have key moments/references/quotes well rehearsed in advance
4. AVOID DETAILED SUMMARY of plot or of a key moment - concentrate instead on the effect on the mode
5. Keep personal response in mind at all times Leaving Certificate English Language of Comparison & contrast
Is similar to
reminiscent of
in contrast
etc. Rule of Thumb Don't give higher marks for Language and Mechanics if Purpose and Coherence is poor Genre 1. How the text tells the story
2. Vivid characters
3. Dramatic techniques, tension, high emotion
4. Unexpected happenings
5. Patterns of imagery, symbols
6. Points of view, narrative voice 1. One theme central to all texts
2. Should be very easy to identify
3. Could relate theme to fate of main characters
4. Make interesting connections, comparisons and contacts
5. Students own insight and personal response Theme or Issue 6. Know your texts/authors and how you'll identify them + correct spelling of names of characters etc.
7. Think in paragraphs - punctuation v. important in this section
8. Take care with links between paragraphs
9. Vary language of comparison and contrast
10. Have a strong opening and closing
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