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Austin Carlile [English]

No description

Leah Foster

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Austin Carlile [English]

Lead Vocals for Of Mice & Men Austin Carlile Who is Austin Carlile? The Surgery & Aftermath "How did your surgery change your outlook on life?" Born September 27, 1987 in Pensacola, Florida
Vocally fronted Attack Attack!
Months after joining Attack Attack! he joined the label: Rise Records
Left Attack Attack! shortly before the release of the album "Someday Came Suddenly"
Couple months later, Carlile wrote and recorded a song he had been working on with some close friends
Released the song "7000 Miles for What" on MySpace
Named his project Of Mice & Men and announced their signing with Rise Records
Moved to Southern California to finish forming OM&M Because of his heart condition, Austin Carlile needed and wanted surgery.
While he was in surgery, they had to completely remove his heart, and put it in an ice box. He was put on a machine that stopped all blood flow to his heart; he was dead for two hours before he was resuscitated and stitched back up. In an interview by PureVolume, Carlile was asked how his surgery changed his outlook on life. He replied with: May 28, 2010 Austin Carlile was admitted into the hospital for a serious heart condition.
After several tests, they found he had a viral infection inside of his heart.
They then figured out he needed a valve sparing aortic root replacement surgery. Important things in Austin's Life After his surgery, and the breathing tube was removed, Austin Carlile had to walk 45 minutes a day, keep doing the breathing excersises on a machine, he had to wait for his chest bone to heal for 8-10 weeks after surgery, and he had to take 9 different medications every day for his heart, his brain, pain, swelling, ect. He was in the hospital recovering for a week, and was released for a three month recovery process afterward. The influences on his music, and how he writes his lyrics has to do with his life, and his heart condition. "It changed my entire world, man. My heart was out of my chest on ice for two hours - I was being pumped with somebody else's blood. I woke up with more tubes in me than Neo in The Matrix in the first scene where he's reborn. It just made me see how precious life is all over again, because though the technology today is good, there was still a 30 or 40% chance that I would not survive the surgery." It gets better. Fighter, Resilience, Tenacity Words of Wisdom Every day is a page, every era - a chapter. You life, that's the first page. You die, that's the end. There's no point in living your life through your book, and when you get to the end of your book, you look back to the end, and be like "Whoa, what just happened? What did I do? What was this chapter? What was that chapter? What was that pain, what was this? Think of each day as a chapter. You feel like when you're there, that those chapters are gonna keep going..they don't, and I wish someone would have said what I'm saying now. Because I felt like every chapter I was in, I was living in a book, and I was that book..And it's not. I felt like I've lived a thousand times over, and I'm on my 4th chapter, or my 5th. Hopefully I'm not on my 10th or 11th but...I think to give you hope, is to know that it's either gonna get better, or it's gonna get different. And I can guarentee that, you just have to stay strong. You have to remember who you are, and even if you don't know who you are; I still don't know exactly who I am. You can know who you wanna be, and you can know who you wanna find. You can know what you wanna do, and if you wanna do six different things, do them all. If you wanna do one, do six. 'Cause you never know what's gonna happen on one; I just think it's better. Enjoy your chapter, enjoy your page. Don't finish your book without enjoying it, and really getting the most out of it. Works Cited http://www.riserecordsimages.com/austin_carlile/bio.html
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