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Violation games

Inaugural speech (May 2007) adapted for lunch seminar Torino, February 2011

Leon van der Torre

on 16 February 2011

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Transcript of Violation games

Dilemmas What is a norm? Design Violation games Norms are rules to distinguish Right from Wrong. When may we shoot down a plane hijacked by terrorists? Handling norms in intelligent systems. Norms are used to control or regulate behavior. What are the effects of new norms on behavior? Security Trust Virtual communities Autonomous systems How to prevent over-regulation? Norms build up trust in electronic commerce. Which mechanisms for electronic commerce? Social norms are emerging in Second Life. How to prevent exclusion from communities? Aut- + nomos = making ones own norms. How to define global policies about local ones? Budget deficit > 3% of GDP is a violation? Violations Norms describe what counts as a violation. L'histoire d'O Norms are rules specifying violation games We are playing violation games every day! Norms make our systems more secure. You must empty your plate! Yes, mum! Empty your plate! No! Empty your plate! No! Would you
like a desert? OK! Yes!
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