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Medicine in 1558-1603

No description

daniel layton

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Medicine in 1558-1603

Many thought that a disease was a punishment by god. Some thought was the star fault for being out of line. One thing was that nobody knew how it spread.
"There is no medicine to cure hatred"
What people did to prevent it
Common diseases
Medical treatments
somethings were:
typhus fever
small pox

Some medical treatments would be:
headache- Rose, Lavender, and other sweet fragrances
stomachache- Wormwood, mint, balm
lung problems- Liquorices, marijuana, and comfrey
Logan Hatten
Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Daniel Layton
To heal the sick people.
What medicine was used for.
Different social class different treatment
They used certain medicines to heal people with a fever or other things. Many people could not buy medicine because they could not pay the fee. Midwives took care of the childbirth department of medicine. In 1546 the first pharmacopoeia, or collected list of drugs and medicinal chemicals with directions for making pharmaceutical preparations, appeared in Nürnberg, Ger. In London the Society of Apothecaries (pharmacists) was founded in 1617. This marked the emergence of pharmacy as a distinct and separate entity.
The higher class people would be sent to a physicians or a surgeon.
The lower class people would make their own medicine or go to a church.
Medicine in 1558-1603
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