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What is the difference between human and physical geography?

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Roger Owen

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of What is the difference between human and physical geography?

What is the difference between human and physical geography?
2 Key Areas of Study
There are two key areas in geography:

Human geography

Physical geography.

Before we read about them, look at the next slide and decide with your partner which you think is Human "H" and which you think is Physical "P"

Write the answer on your white board but keep talking about the reasons for your choice until you are asked to stop!
Human or Physical
Migration: the permanent movement of people



Towns and Cities


Ice (Glaciation)




Read pages 4-7!
Using p6-7 write a definition of Human Geography & some sentences to say what it includes.
Using p4-5 write a definition of Physical Geography & some sentences to explain what it includes
Can you define the physical and human elements of geography?
Week 1
Learning Objective
To understand what geography is and why we study it.

To define the human and physical elements of geography.
Mount Etna, Sicily
You have 3 minutes to look back through your notes before you will take a quiz on human and physical geography!
Your time starts now!
Watch this!
Task 1:

Create a spider-diagram with the title "What is Geography"

This should be started half way down your page in your best writing.

Put your ideas around the title and use a ruler to draw connection lines from the centre to your ideas.

When requested, share your ideas with those on your table and add any good ideas to your diagram. You may then be asked to share ideas with the class.
1. Using a clear page in your book, draw 4 examples of Human Geography

2. Using a clear page in your book draw 4 examples of Physical Geography

3. Remember to colour and label your diagrams

Ext 1: Read p8-9

Ext 2: Draw a picture showing how physical and human geography meet. The map has some good examples.


1. Write a definition of physical geography.
2. Give 2 examples of physical geography.
3. List 1 hazard of a sudden change in the natural environment.
4. Write a definition of human geography.
5. What does quality of life mean?

Geography is...
Who would like to volunteer to read a paragraph from page 4 to help us find a definition of what geography is?
Write the definition from page 4 in your best writing:

Geography is the study of...
Geography is the study of the earth's natural features. It is also about people and places and how they affect each other.
Pencil only for the first 2 weeks

No felt tip colouring

No gel-pens

Follow the standard format for presentation of work
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