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Bruno Carpentieri

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Presentation

to find the meeting point between natural aptitude and personal passion.
Elemental Education
epiphany moment
To meet the place where come together
the things you love to do and the things that you are good at.
recognition skill
"The greatest danger for most of us is not
that our aim is too high and we miss it,
but that it is too low and we reach it."
- Michelangelo
"There is nothing good or bad,
only thinking makes it so."
- Hamlet
Don't put high premium to the "right answer"
Education is an organic, nonlinear process
rare talent and heart's fulfillment
to lead someone toward his/her
use different teaching styles
according to different learning styles
real role is not to teach
subjects but to teach students
Hint :
Deindividuation won't serve us in education, rather customizing to each individual talent
discovering what you can really
do and who you really are

We need the right conditions for growth, in our schools, businesses, and communities, and in our individual lives.
Left to our own device, what are we drawn to do?

What kinds of activities do we tend to engage in voluntarily?

What absorbs us most?

Creativity is one of the most wonderful expression
of the dynamic nature of human intelligence
It is hard to say what the future will be like in 5/10 years away
Gillian Lynne, an accomplished
contemporary coreographer.
"I don’t have any magical ability.
When nothing’s working out then I think of a
small trick that makes it a little better.

I play with the problem, and after a while,
I figure out what’s going on."

Terence Tao, at present time one of
the best mathematicians in the world.
Human intelligence is entirely distinctive
Death Valley
Death Valley in Spring 2005
Human intelligence is extraordinarily diverse
We need creative people who think independently
Use resources in multimedia, technology, Internet
The process is very important
Give creativity the same status of literacy
Everyone can learn to be creative at everything
Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize in Physics 1965
"I have spread my dreams under your feet. Tread softly,
because you tread on my dreams" - W. B. Yeats
mentorship skills
people succeed best when they have others who understand their
talents, challenges, and abilities

Hint: if we are not prepared to be wrong,
we cannot come up with anything original.
Coverage is OK, but not come with sacrifice of depth
Thank you.
Why is this important ?
Give constantly formative feedback
Assess against criteria, not norms
Avoid standardized forms of assessment
Human intelligence is tremendously dynamic
The best hope we have to grasp our future is to
make better use of our talents
There are no "creative domains" or activities
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