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A Guide To Becoming An Absolute Monarch

No description

Connor Brescia

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of A Guide To Becoming An Absolute Monarch

A six Step Guide To Becoming An Absolute Monarch
By Peter The Great
You don't need anyone else calling the shots so get rid of them! When I was forced to rule with my brother I realized If I wanted to have absolute power I needed to overthrow him, so I did and look at all the power I ended up with. this step is crucial for any good absolute leader.
Step 1) Overthrow all others who have power.
You have to make sure your country is not underdeveloped so educate everyone. I know my country was terribly behind its times so educated my people and advanced technology even making men shave their beards so they wouldn't look like cave men.
Step 2) Educate Your people!
You need to make a new capital named after you to show your power over the country and be remembered forever. In Russia St. Petersburg is still capital and was a great example of my power when I made it.
Step 3) Establish a Capital In your Name
Step 4) Convict Those Who stand Against you.
Don't let other people take your power kill anyone who resist you. This will show how powerful you are and hold off any rebellion by proving you can't be fought and will kill those who don't want to follow. I even convicted my son of high treason as he questioned my power.
Step 5) Start and Win A War
nothing can show you are powerful like winning a war and you will also get more resources to back your power. I started a war with sweden and took the baltic coast from them opening much more trade for wealth a technology for myself.
Step 6) Give yourself a Title
To show your power you need to distinguish yourself from the mere peasants. give yourself a title like "The Great" or "The Fierce" whatever suits you best. I opted for Peter the Great and shall always be rembered as that.
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