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Power of Reputation

Book Club, Ch. 9

Melissa Coufal

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Power of Reputation

The Tree and Its Shadow Growing your Reputation Times have changed If you've fallen from grace... Nestle, a killer? Yes, Mr. Carrey is funny, but what would you think/do if you were the customer of the next video? It all starts with what lies beneath! As Warren Buffett says, "It takes 20 years to build your reputation and five minutes to ruin it."

Or in the case of Rick Perry... 30 seconds! The rebuilding process can take longer than building a good reputation does in the first place! It's no longer just your inner circle or loose networks that recognize your reputation. The internet has expanded the volume of people that see and hear about an event.

This can be negative and/or positive!

In Rick Perry's case... Food giant Nestle, already under pressure from environmentalists, became the subject of a Facebook- and Twitter-based "twitstorm" when the operators of the corporation's Facebook page took a hostile approach to critics. The Power of Reputation Rebuilding Reputation You can rebuild if you learn from your mistakes, accept responsibility, and perform better in the future. When you don't perform better in the future... "Perry suffered easily the ugliest moment of an already troublesome set of debate performances Wednesday when he struggled mightily to name the third agency of the federal government that he wanted to eliminate."

Tweeted GOP strategist Tony Fratto: “Perry can end his campaign right now.”

"Perry’s flub just completed the picture of a guy who isn’t ready for primetime, can’t enunciate his platform and folds under pressure. Those aren’t qualities people want in a president. By the end of Wednesday, he was verging on becoming a laughing stock. And that’s not something anyone wants to go through — particularly a guy who was looking like a world-beater after his 2010 primary win over a sitting U.S. senator, Kay Bailey Hutchison."

"Perry's efforts to change the conversation about his candidacy come as national polls show him in the single digits, having fallen from his onetime perch at the top of the polls amid a string of poor debate performances. In the first-in-the-nation voting state of Iowa, a new poll shows a four-way tie for first - and Perry, at 7 percent, is not among the leaders." (a little too late Perry...) "To repeat: we welcome your comments, but please don't post using an altered version of any of our logos as your profile pic--they will be deleted."

"Oh please...it's like we're censoring everything to allow only positive comments"

"It's our page, we set the rules, it was ever thus." how to tame the mob ...Or not! Nestle made 4 mistakes 1: try to delete video (video had little to no hits: less than 1,000) How many does it have today? 3rd mistake 2nd mistake: 4th mistake Nestle then moved to protect their Facebook page by removing critical comments and removing comments where the user had changed their profile picture to one of the altered Nestle Logo.

This move by Nestle angered Greenpeace more and caused a movement of their supporters to flock to the Nestle page and post more and more negative comments and more images of the altered logo. Continuing to do something and expecting the results to change.

Nestle continued to remove comments with the altered logo from their Facebook until about March 19th. At which time Nestle proudly announced their intention to use only sustainable Palm Oil by…(wait for it) 2015! Just 5 short years from now. The sweet giant kept all of their deliberations quiet, none of the “we’re considering our options” talk would leak out of the chocolate halls. This lack of transparency and apparent unconcern was translated into disdain and unfeeling by the Greenpeace movement. When yours is the only voice in the room people have a tendency to listen. Nestlé’s silence spoke volumes. FedEx has vowed to track down the deliveryman who was caught on video carelessly tossing a computer monitor over a fence during a delivery.

Company spokeswoman Shea Leordeanu would not say what would become of the employee once they find him, but added: 'This won't be his best day.'

The hilariously sad clip of a FedEx delivery man chucking the computer monitor has attracted nearly 200,000 viewers on YouTube in a single day, many of whom expressed fears that their holiday packages would be treated with the same regard. In essence, try not to mess it up in the first place.

But if you do make a mistake, own up to it, don't repeat it, and make amends!

Good PR!! Last but not least: If you don't manage your PR- you could end up like United, Nestle, or Rick Perry! THE END That's 24.42% of the United States population!!!!!! It's not necessarily the mistake you make! It's how you handle it afterward. Presented by:
Christy Ferrato
Brenda Mendez de Andrade
Melissa Coufal
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