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Life of Pi - The Better Story

Life of Pi

Nimrah .

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Life of Pi - The Better Story

Life of Pi - The Better Story
The better story has a meaningful shape and order of harmony that incorporates belief in God. Life can be given a shape thus shaped into one's better story.
Thesis Statement
Three Arguments
1. Belief In God
2. Elation
3. Imagination
Presented By Nimrah
Thank You For Listening
"You want a story that won't surprise you. That will confirm what you already know. That won't make you see any higher or further or differently. You want a flat story. An immobile story. You want a dry, yeastless factuality” (Martel 336)
“I told you two stories that account for the 227 days…In both stories the ship sinks, my entire family dies, and I suffer”(Martel 352).
“The world isn't just the way it is. It is how we understand it? And in understanding something, we bring something to it? Doesn't that make life a story?”(Martel 335)
"I will not die…I will make it through this nightmare …so long as God is with me, I will not die. Amen" (Martel 164).
“You bring joy and pain in equal measure. Joy because you are with me, but pain because it won’t be for long…I love you, I love you, I love you.” (Martel 123).
“I owe to Hinduism to the original landscape of my religious imagination….” (Martel 55).
“I wanted to push the reader till they were forced to make some leap of faith.”
"My foot sank into the clear water and met the rubbery resistance of something flexible but solid. I put more weight down. The illusion would not give. I put the full weight of my foot. Still I did not sink"
“I hope you will remember me as a friend. I will never forget you, that is certain. You will always be with me, in my heart.”(Martel 317). “I was truly alone, orphaned not only from my family but now from Richard Parker…he had left me unceremoniously” (Martel 316).
"'Tigers exist, lifeboats exists and oceans exist. Because the three have never come together in your narrow, limited experience, you refuse to believe that they might. Yet the plain fact is that the Tsimtsum brought them together and then sank.'" (Martel 332).
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