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Global Business Championship 2012 - IKEA

Championship 2012

estelle ouedraogo

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of Global Business Championship 2012 - IKEA


Winter 2012
GIE-6087 lobal Business Design
FSA Laval University,Quebec Canada

Professor: Benoit Montreuil
Company Overview
Company Timeline
Tetrahedral frame Character-Offer-Creation-Stakeholders
Synthesis of Syntheses

The Tetrahedral Model
Synthesis of Syntheses
Company Overview
IKEA Group
The IKEA Group is private group of companies owned by a charitable foundation in the Nertherlands. The IKEA Group is active in developing, purchasing, distributing and selling IKEA products. The IKEA Group is the biggest group of franchises operating over 100 IKEA stores. The Management Services to the IKEA Group are provided by IKEA International A/Sin Humlebaek, Denmark
Yiman Xiao
Salma Baghagha
Estelle Ouedraogo
Yanan Diao
Team Members
Company timeline
IKEA is Establish
Kamprad adds furniture to product line
Kamprad publishes his first catalogue
Self assembly becomes integral to the IKEA concept
IKEA begins to exhibit and sell products at furnishing fairs
Kamprad finds Polish manufacturer
Employees trip to Spain
The expanded facility at Almhult becomes the first IKEA store
More than half of IKEAs products are Polish made goods
Allt i Hemmet (everything for the home) a widely read swedish magazine published a comparison of IKEA furniture to those sold in traditional swedish retailers
IKEA has a store in Norway and opened its first store in Stockholm
IKEA experiments with self-service pick-up
• IKEA rapid expansion
IKEA becomes the largest furniture retailer in Scandinavia with 9 stores
Over the next 15 yrs. the company expand rapidly over Western Europe
Kamprad succession plan
Kamprad transferred his interest in IKEA to a Dutch-based charitable foundation
IKEA enters U.S.
IKEA redesigns many of its products to fit with American needs
IKEA begins to source some products from factories in U.S. to reduce both transportation costs and dependency on the value of the dollar
Kamprad gives up day to day control of IKEA to Andres Moberg
Kamprad purchases Idle factory in Almhult and converted it to a warehouse
Kamprad hires 22 yr. old designer Gillis Lundgren to help with photo shoots for the catalogue
IKEA and manufacturers
IKEA was sourcing some 25% of its good from Eastern European manufacturers
Key figures
IKEA Structure
IKEA enters China
IKEA enters Russia
IKEA enters Japan
IKEA in 2008
North America & Canada expansion
Ikea opens 7 stores in North America and Canada between 1976-1982
IKEA enters UK
Offer to employees
Offer to customers
Offer to communities
Offer to employeesDiversified product range and unbeatable price
Good quality products with guarantees ranging from 5 to 25 years depending on the product
Delivery and assembly service: Ikea offers this service to facilitate the task to their customers
Fitting out advice: Ikea has consultants and professionals in interior design that responds to questions and helps clients
True listening to customer needs. Many market studies show that IKEA is in the Top 10 of the best businesses encountering'customer satisfaction.
Offer to communities
Offers a range of alternative work options to help employees balance work-life commitments, from flexible hours to job-sharing arrangements
Onsite restaurants at store locations serve certified organic coffee as well as special Swedish menu items every day
An industry leader that provides both full-time and part-time jobs (more than 15 hours each week) with access to the company health benefits plan
The employees are inspired, more than 90% of IKEA co-workers know what they are there for. Almost 80% feel inspired at work and the compagny is working on the other 20%
Pleasant work environment because it is an original social network: the people you work with are also your friends and it is allowed to make mistakes.
Ikea has taken a leading role in the UNICEF-sponsored battle against child labour worldwide
Ikea is a pioneering retailer when it comes to incorporating environmental stewardship into its products and day-to-day business operations.
Ikea supports programs related to health, human rights and education, which improve the lives of children in need
They have a high interest in the company as well as a high power, IKEA should keep on managing them closely
Customers have an economic stake because of their purchasing power
Environmental and humanitarian groups are partners and give IKEA a credit in managing its social corporate responsibility. They have a political influence and IKEA work with them closely and also try to keep them satisfied
Business Idea
Talents have a high interest and a high power, managing them closely is the best path for IKEA and it is what they do
Co-workers have an impact on the quality of the service
Designer influence highly the products

Store managers and franchisees have an economic influence
To offer a wide range of well-designed and functional home funiture at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.
Business Idea
The enablers have an average to high interests in the company but their power is huge, IKEA should keep them satisfied and also manage some of them closely

Inter IKEA Systems is the owner of the IKEA Concept and the worldwide IKEA franchisor. It document and develop the IKEA retail system. Consequently they enable the company to expand.

INGKA Holding B.V. supports and manages the IKEA group, it has the formal power

Stinchting INGKA Foundation is what provide the group with the necessary capital, it is the financial arm
HR Idea
Suppliers influence IKEA and it influences them back with its FSC-certified wood plan
Competitors : Jarden, Rubbermaid…
Mikael Ohlsson (Chairman and CEO of IKEA group) he has the formal and the voting power.
Stinchting IKEA Foundation is specialized in philanthropic work, nevertheless it is part of the value creation because it enhance the social corporate responsibility
To give down-to-earth, straight-forward people the possibility to grow, both as individuals and in their professional roles, so that together they will be strongly committed to creat a better everyday life for themselves and IKEA's customers
Human Resource Idea
Core Competences and Strategic assets
Management culture
Organizational mode
Design and product
Make good products at the lowest price

Understanding the everyday needs at home of the majority of people who have limited incomes and limited living spaces

Designer and manufacturers work together

Every product idea is studied with regard to the best use of raw materials and manufacturing opportunities
Flat packs and stackable products, allow to transport and handle more products per trip
Renewable energy IKEA buildings and
40 buildings with solar panels installed

Great usage of wind turbines

152 GWh of total renewable energy produced
IKEA co-workers : the most valuable resource
Diversity and recruitment of co-workes with different backgrouds and experiences : 131 000 IKEA co-workers in 41 countries around the world

Company-wide survey “Voice Monitor" studies how IKEA co-workers perceive working at IKEA

“IKEA Leadership Index” quantifies how co-workers view their managers
Decentralised Operation
The Franchise Division - the owner of the IKEA Concept and worldwide IKEA franchisor, as well as a number of service and distribution companies.

The Retail Centre Division – Inter IKEA Centre Group – develops,
owns and manages shopping centres anchored by IKEA stores.

The Property Division and the Finance Division ensure financial stability and stable returns over time.
IKEA is outstanding because its vision is well supported by its business idea and its HR idea, these 3 factors built a triangle which is stable and hard to break.
Humbleness and willpower
Leadership by example
Daring to be different
Togetherness and enthusiasm
Constant desire for renewal
Accept and delegate responsibility
How to make good products at low prices?
How to keep IKEA being outstaning in the future?
- Miximizing the raw materials and production adaptation.

- Keeping well designed products and being innovative.
Resources management
Investing in people and communities
IKEA saw the exploration of furniture design, self assembly, catalogues and showrooms as the best way to reach a large amount of people.
IKEA successfully focused on the social corporate responsibility for people and environment, which are now regarded as the prerequisite for doing business
Diversified product range and unbeatable price
Social implication
Basic education for minority children, Vietnam
Providing books for “Albania reads”
Protecting children from exploitation and abuse, Pakistan
Education for every child, Russia
Safe, functional schools in war towns, Ivory Coast
For the Children with the Soft toys fund projects
Along with those projects they help women
Gaining strength and making decisions
Learning about health and diet
Learning business skills
Better access to money
For the environment
Putting sustainability at the heart of their business
Reducing carbon emissions
Responsibly sourced material
The products with sustainable range
what Ikea made ​​to be different?
Source: http://www.ikea.com/ms/en_JP/pdf/yearly_summary/Welcome_inside_2011.pdf
Source: http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/ikea--2
Source: http://www.ikea.com/ca/fr/catalog/allproducts/
Source: http://www.ikea.com/ms/fr_CA/the_ikea_story/people_and_the_environment/ikea_social_initiative.html
So, why hesitate?
Chose Ikea for a better life
Source: http://www.ikea.com/ca/fr/
vision business idea HR idea
Other enablers
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