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saul matthews

No description

Marino Martin

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of saul matthews

Saul Matthews
Saul Matthews was a soldier and slave under Colonel Josiah Parker. In the year of 1781, a British soldier and his troops were stationed in Portsmouth, Virgina, Saul was asked by Col. Parker to go on spying missions to the British camps. This was a very risky task, but Saul always was successful in getting very important information for the Americans.
Saul Matthews had to go back into slavery after the war, In fact, he was still a slave for ten years after the war! However, he did end up getting his freedom in 1792.
There is no record of Saul Matthews death. There is also no record of where or how he died.
Saul Matthews was born in Maryland, Virginia. His date of birth is unknown as the year of his birth.
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