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lis lab3

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Funing


Video games are a way to entertain yourself. They have grown with technology. One example is motion control, the Wii has motion control with a remote. Later on the Xbox 360 came up Kinect.
by: Jaiveer Singh
To play console games you need a console, the right remote, and the right game disks [or buy a digital copy]. To play hand held games you need a hand held and a game cartridge[or buy a digital copy]. To play in a arcade you either need tokens or Quarters.
Video games started as arcade machines with the first being tennis created in Brook Haven National labratory, in 1958
Video games can be practicly be played just
anywhere with Nitendo's hand helds and on most modern phones.
Some vocabulary is cosole, guenra, character, 2.5D, MMO, and avatar
My person is Shigero Miyamoto
Shiguera Miyamoto
Shiguera Miaymoto
Shiguera Miamoto was born on November 16, 1952 in
Sonbe, Japan. This man alone made video games famous again, after the video game of 1983. He started his career with a Arcade game Donkey Kong. When the NES on 1985 with the most popular game Super Mario Bros. and a lesser but still popular franchise also came from Miyamoto named The Legend of Zelda. He is still making games for Nintendo after all these years.
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