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No description

Samara Othmani

on 2 November 2016

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Transcript of Sulfur

About Myself
I am a nonmetal, my melting point is 113c and my boiling point is 445c. I smell terrible and I am usually a solid in room temperature. Not only do I smell terrible but I am terrible at conducting heat. My atomic number is 16!
What I look for in an Element
I am looking for a strong element with a high destiny. Since I am so bad at conducting heat I want someone who is a good conductor, and they must have high melting points. The metal must be shiny and attractive. Must be a solid at room temperature, I don't want him to be all over the place and messy. I am also looking for a alkaline earth metal because I'm so down to Earth but if needed I can take an alkaline metal. Meaning the atomic number must be lower than 88.
Searching For My S(ulfur)oul Mate
Samara Othmani
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