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Delgado V Bastrop ISD

No description

Alaysha Johnson

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Delgado V Bastrop ISD

Facts Effects of the courts decision.. Schools in Texas were not allowed to segregate children due to the fact that they were Mexican American, but only separate them due to the fact that they needed a special English language instruction. So, was the district violating the law clause of the fourteenth amendment ? The case was between the parents of the Mexican American children, represented by the LULAC and American G.I. Forum of Texas, and the Del Rio School district. This brought about suspicion that the district was separating the children due to race or color, which (with the exception of African Americans) was illegal by law in Texas. Delgado V Bastrop ISD The courts did, in 1948, declare the segregation of the such children to be unconstitutional. But allowed the children to be separated for the benefit of their learning. This court case overall did little to stop segregation in the United States. Alaysha, Lori, Jessy The district argued that the reasoning behind separating the children of Mexican Descent was due to lack of attendance and poor understanding of the English language. The school district had sold a major bond in order to add rooms in an auditorium to an all Mexican American attended elementary school from grades 1-3. Works Cited
www.utexas.edu/.../11-345%20bsac%20Nat'l%20Latino%20Organizations. pdf
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