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Act 3 Scene 5

No description

Ms. Mc Caffrey

on 1 February 2017

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Transcript of Act 3 Scene 5

The play is a Shakespearean comedy.

How do we know?

What features of the play are comedic?
Dogberry and Verges come to tell Leonato the truth before the wedding.
Leonato fails to grasp the meaning of their talk.
Key Words
Dogberry and Verges come to tell Leonato, busy with last minute preparations, about men the Watch arrested.
They are in awe of the Governor of Messina and speak in a roundabout way.
Leonato does not figure out what Borachio has done before he leaves for the ceremony.
His parting words are that he should examine the men themselves.
You are a member of the Watch, you have arrested Borachio and you are interrogating him about his plot to destroy Hero and Claudio's relationship.

Write the interview, both questions and answers that you would expect from Borachio and the foolish Watch.
Act 3 Scene 5
Much Ado About Nothing
iambic pentameter
What are the features of an interview?

Question & Answer Format.
Obviously when deciding what questions to ask a huge amount depends on the person you are interviewing and on where the interview will be published. The interviewer wants to discover something new or interesting about the celebrity/writer/sportsperson/personality they are interviewing. The reader does not want to be left feeling that they’ve heard it all before!
However, most interviewers will think about 3 broad categories when coming up with questions.

• their childhood and how they became the person they are today.
• past successes and failures in their career.
• past scandals in their personal life.
• other jobs they’ve done (or previous tours/tournaments/shows/books).
• what are they working on currently.
• what they like/dislike about their current job.
• how their career impacts on their personal life.
• recent successes and failures.
• recent scandals and how they coped with the fall-out.
• what is their next project.
• will they ever change career/focus or do this until they die?
• do they have any fears for the future? things they’re looking forward to?
The tone tends to be very informal, you write as you would speak – this is after all a conversation that then gets written down.
Keep the questions short and the answers fairly long.
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