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Katie Hay

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of Anishinaabe

also known as ojibwe, ojibwa, ojibway and chippewas.
The ojibwe peoples hunted and gathered many animals including deer, raccoon, beaver, salmon and other fish usually gathered by women. They also get the women to gather wild rice.
The ojibwe group made these shelters called wigwams. They were extremely sturdy because they had a wooden frame then more wood and bark around them! The wigwams can vary in size from a personal one to a giant 2 family wigwam!
Beliefs & traditions
The ojibwe people have many year round powwows in places such as Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. The video you are about to watch is of a pow wow near french river Ontario.
The ojibway made birch bark canoes that are surprisingly lightweight for wooden canoes! In the winter, the ojibwe peoples resorted to snowshoes for transportation. They did not use horses often but they can be seen using them in old pictures!
The main material for clothes were animal skins most of the time deer and other similar animals. Moccasins were very popular within this tribe as well! The dresses for the women were made of skins and linen.
The ojibwe people loved art and craft to show emotions and just for fun! The art usually had meaning such as, Raven, The Sky Person and the Muskrat.
The ojibwe peoples had what they called "Clans". You were not aloud to marry anyone in your clan, if you married someone from a different clan they would meet for a big dinner.
Fun facts
The ojibwe people used to trade furs with the french for weapons such as muskets and axes.
The ojibwe had ''club'' weapons for battles.
Traditional Food
They aren't
that fun. They're
By Jacob
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