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on 28 May 2014

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Main Settings
Falling Action
Miss Peregrines-A ymbryne woman who is stuck in the form of a bird
Jacob Portman- The narrator and main character of the series who has the ability to see hollowgasts, and has a major crush on Emma
Emma Bloom- A pretty girl who has the ability to control fire and has a romantic feel on Jacob
Bronwyn Bruntley- An unusually strong girl
Olive Elephanta- A girl who is lighter than air/ weightless
Millard Nullings- A boy who knows a lot about peculiar children, he is also invisible
Horace Somnusson- A boy who suffers from Premonitory visions and dreams
Enoch O'Connor- A boy who can animate the dead for breif periods of time
Hugh Apiston- A boy who commands and protects the many bees that live in his stomach
Fiona Frauenfeld- A silent girl with a peculiar talent for making plants grow
Claire Densmoke- The youngest of the peculiar children and has an extra mouth in the back of her head

The ending was a cliff hanger, because there was no way to
know what happened to everybody. The peculiars were still within
custody of the Hollows and Whights. Unfortunately only Jacob,
Emma, and Addison escape the Whights and Hollows. But Jacob
and Emma commit to get the others back, there family back. In
conclusion, the mystery of the peculiars will drag over into the third
and final book of the series.
The Falling Action is based around the fact that the children are being held hostage, and they meet a girl. The girl has a hole straight through her body, and they figure out this girl is another peculiar. The girl's name is Addison, and she happens to be a big help. She tells them about the orphanage, and gives them useful information. The falling action really takes into play, when the peculiars talk to Caul, Miss Peregrines evil
The climax of the book was when the peculiar children end up
finding another ymbryne. Which another ymbryne was what they
were looking for, some hope that all the ymbrynes hadn't been
captured. Hoping for the ymbryne to help Miss Peregrines change
back to her normal self. But alast they were captured by the Whights.
The Whights are the people who are capturing all the ymbrynes
because of there powers.
By: Ransom Riggs
Mrs Peregrines Peculiar Children
Hollow City
There are different setting in the book "Hollow City. The first setting states that the peculiar children are on canoes in a lake in Wales. The second setting is an island they think is the main land. The third setting is an abandoned orphanage in a hollow city. The Fourth and last setting is a time loop.
"The struggle is real"
They had to canoe all the way from Wales to some island hours away
They had to hide from ghost and people trying to kill them
Jacob and Emma had to vouch their lives to save the others
The ymbryne/witch was in bird form
They had to figure out how Jacobs grandfather really died with no clues
Rising Action
The Rising Action is based around the fact that Miss Peregrines is stuck in bird formation. The children are desperate, and scared, they need to find another ymbryne. So fortunately for the children, they come across a time loop, which is where you would originally find a ymbryne. The children get lucky again by finding a ymbryne in the loop considering, most ymbrynes where being held hostage. The ymbryne is understanding and willing to help Miss Peregrines.
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