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light pollution

No description

Armida Hernandez

on 18 May 2016

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Transcript of light pollution

Introduction ;)
San Diego
who does it affect?
-With this much light we are affecting the life of the nocturnal life of animals.
- Wild animals like raccoons, wolves, coyotes, and squirrels have awesome features to help them gather food when it is dark. They can't put these skills to work with this much light.
-The night sky is a natural compass that helps the birds with their migrations. With our light we are killing them. They bump into the artificial light, thinking it is mother nature's, and they get confused.

Significance of Damage
- One of the ways this signifies the damage of light pollution is that we cannot see the beautiful night sky.
- The predators are now afraid to go to hunt because of the light that we humans create.
-Without the predators the herbivores are overpopulating. It is affecting the food web.

solution to the problem
- When night falls, people should turn off all lights and spent some time with family, and enjoy the night sky( especially if you live close or in the beach)
-turn off all the unnecessary lights.
- try to replace bright lights to a more dark tone of light.
Most Affected Location
Since light is the name of our problem, the places where pollution is occurring are in huge cites like: Tokyo, New York, and Chicago. Personally I believe these places are beautiful, but they are affecting the food web.

light pollution
by armida hernandez

There are different types of pollution that are affecting our world. Today we will focus on light pollution. Although lights make cities look beautiful, remember that things aren't always what they seem to be.
In this proposal we shall focus on
San Diego !!
- The yellow and orange light represent all the waste of energy that people in the city use every night
-Each night that is spent with those bright lights means that we are spending a lot of money.
-And some lights we aren't even using.
-Artificial lights at night disrupts the seasonal cycle of trees.
-Light pollution kills millions of birds a year.
-It contributes to the climate change.
- Artificial lights puts our health at risk.
-San Diego has rules to control this problem but not all of us follow them.
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