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Community Spirit - Animated Banner

Activity 3: Animated Banner

ICT Mayfield

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Community Spirit - Animated Banner

Community Spirit: Activity 3: Animated Banner You are working on Controlled Assessed Coursework which is worth 60% of your final GCSE Grade. The CA is about 'Community Spirit'. You will produce a range of digital products for the CA, ranging from Audio Clips to e-Newsletters. Your final coursework is due Easter 2013. BIG PICTURE By the end of this task you will be able to:
Identify the success criteria for the animated banner as stated in the CAB.
Describe what is meant by states/frames and how these contribute to the banner timeline.
Create an effective timeline that includes the main elements specified in the CAB. LEARNING OBJECTIVES INPUT: Success Criteria DESIGN: CAR Use the printed success criteria tick list to peer assess your banner design. PLENARY Gather and prepare 3 assets to use in your animated banner.
Due: Next lesson HOME LEARNING You must create an animated banner for inclusion in an e-newsletter promoting 'Community Spirit'. ACTIVATE: Plan & Design The animated banner must:
be approximately the full width of the e newsletter x 150 pixels deep
include your logo and strapline
include a suitable title for the e-newsletter
run continuously
contain suitable assets (images, sound, text) Banner Timeline STARTER: Animation! Define the term "Animation". TASK 1: ASSESSING OUR LEARNING: Feedback 30 minutes 12 minutes Animation can be used to bring your multimedia product to life. It is one of the chief ingredients of a digital product. Have a look at some examples... 10 Marks! How to get an "A*"... 1. Design must be clear. (Timeline & Design)
2. What will the final product look like? (Design)
3. Justify your important design decisions. (Review) P:\ICT\6. GCSE ICT\GCSE 2012 - Community Spirit\CAB Unit 2 0512\Links\Banner_Template.docx Decide on timings, assets, text and sound (optional). Use the success criteria sheet to peer assess another students work. You will need to tick off the criteria if they have met it and make a comment if they haven't. Remember!
You will be marked on how well YOU performed as a test buddy for someone else! Effective feedback, means constructive criticism!!! ACTIVITY 3: THE BIGGER PICTURE! You will create an Animated Banner AND an e-Newsletter. It could look something like this... e-NEWSLETTER(similar to website) Your banner will go here!
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