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Manuscript Speech

No description

Melissa Consulta

on 11 October 2016

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Transcript of Manuscript Speech

For whom is this most advantageous?
Potential Problems With Manuscript Method
1) You might be tempted to skip practicing the speech

2)You might be glued to your speech all throughout therefore avoiding eye contact with the audience

3) A tendency to ignore the audience and neglect responding to their feedback when busy with the speech
Strategies in Organizing and Delivering the Manuscript Speech
1) Practice!
Practice delivering the speech several times

2) Adapt!
If audience is bored, you may use shorter yet more vigorous words. If audience is impatient, add words of strong motivational power. If audience is anxious, share personal anecdotes to lighten the mood
Tips in Using Manuscript Method
Tips in Using Manuscript Method
Pros of Using Manuscript Speech Delivery
Cons of Using Manuscript Speech Delivery
Manuscript Speech
A type of speech that is delivered exactly as it is presented in a text
Public Figure
Media Personality
Spokespersons of Government and Private Organizations
Practice some more!
Act it out!
Guided speech
Exact repetition of the written words
Boring and uninteresting presentation
Lacks audience connection
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